When I was young, we moved a lot. Reno is actually the 14th city I've lived in. When we were younger, my parents would take me on vacations to National Parks, I've been to most of the ones on the west coast. I think moving, and camping all over made me appreciate the pretty world we live in.

Then in 2014 I moved to Washington DC and it blew my mind how different the east coat was from my native west coast. Then I seriously got the travel bug. I wanted to see everything. I wanted to experience everything.

  • Travel in the USA

  • Visiting Disney Parks

  • Doing overly cliche tourist activities

  • Eating new foods


I am lucky enough to get to explore new places a few times a year. Together with my husband, we go to new countries, drive to new places, and do everything we can to adventure and escape the norm.

Click any of the links below to see the destinations I've been to, my bucket list of destinations I'm waiting to explore, and how to collaborate with me on a travel project.