Visit all the Disney Parks.

            (x) Disneyland

            (x) Disney World

            Disney Tokyo

            Disney Shanghai

            Disney Hong Kong

            (x) Disney Paris

Have a travel story published in a magazine.

Have a photo published in a magazine.

(x) Marry the man of my dreams. - 9.30.17

See wild beluga whales.

Visit all 7 continents.

Eat dinner at Club 33.

Visit the Galapagos Islands.

Visit Iceland.

(x) Visit the Caribbean.

Visit South Africa.

See the Northern Lights.

Visit all 50 States.

Go on an animal safari.

(x) Have a wild honeymoon.

(x) Go skydiving.

(x) Go snowshoeing.

Drive down Route 66.

(x) Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

(x) Complete a half marathon.

Take my mom to Disneyland.

Ride in a helicopter.

(x) Get a tattoo.

Swim with dolphins.

Swim with sea turtles.

Drive across the USA.

(x) Zipline.

Go to a European Christmas market.

(x) Go on a hot air balloon.

Go to a Miami Dolphins game in Miami.

Visit Norway.

Float on the Dead Sea.

Sleep in a treehouse.

Go to a blogging conference.

Visit New Orleans.

Revisit Yellowstone National Park.

Revisit Zion.

Revisit Redwoods.

Revisit Grand Canyon.