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10 Adorable Costa Rican Sloths

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

My whole goal was to see a sloth in Costa Rica. I mean, man oh man, did I want to see a sloth!!! Turns out, you can easily see a sloth if you have someone to point them out to you. Now on our own, I don’t think we would have seen half as many of these little guys. I mean truly, we only spotted two in the wild. The rest were all pointed out to us by all of our amazing tour guides.

But without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into the 10 most adorable sloths we saw in Costa Rica!

1. Wet, Mossy Sloth.

This little guy was the second sloth we saw on our trip. I just thought it was so funny to see him hanging by one leg in the rain. Apparently sloths do not have tendons, so they cannot get sore from this type of behavior. Also, he is slightly green because he has bacteria and moss growing on him because he is so slow.

2. Sleepy Two-Toed Sloth

We saw this adorable two-toed sloth right before we hopped on board of our Sarapiqui Riverboat Cruise. At one point it stretched its arms way high, and then began scratching at its face. Truly the cutest little thing!

3. Sunbathing Sloth

Now we spotted this little one way high in the trees, swaying in the wind. I just loved that we were able to get a good shot of it!! And of course, the sun really shows him!

4. Active Sloth

We spotted this sloth during our tour of the Cahuita National Forrest. It was climbing through the tree, so I’m so glad I was able to grab a shot of it! Because within seconds, it had disappeared into the tree.

5. The Hidden Sloth

This was one of my proudest moments in Costa Rica! I actually spotted this bundle of joy up in the tree!! I know you can barely see it, but isn’t that the point?! I found it!!! I could be a guide!

6. The Sleepy Baby Sloth

Just look at this basked of sleeping sloths! Have you ever seen anything so cute?! This was at the Jaguar Rescue Center. They told us they paint their nails so they can tell them apart!!!

7. Playful Baby Two-Toed Sloth

Now this little two-toed baby didn’t want to take a nap! It was actively climbing the handle of the basket, and I just thought it was the cutest thing! Look how it just climbs over the other four in the basket!

8. Tired Adolescent Sloth

This sloth was also at the Jaguar Rescue Center. This was an area designed for them to practice climbing on trees. This little didn’t seem to want to go up the tree. Fell asleep right at the bottom of the trunk! So funny!

9. The Cutest Sloth

This one was just my absolute favorite from the Rescue Center. Isn’t this two-toed just darling?! It looks like it just wants to cuddle!!

10. My Favorite Three-Toed Sloth

Now this was the absolute best moment. We were sitting at breakfast on our last day in Puerto Viejo, when Dylan yelled, “look babe!” And there he was. This three-toed beauty climbing down from a tree. We watched this guy climb down a tree, make his way across the beach, find a new tree, and climb all the way back up. The trees were maybe 20 feet apart, but it took him about 30 minutes to make this trek. But finding a sloth like this made me so happy. I did rush up to it and take its photo, and even a selfie. Until Dylan yelled at me to get back because I was probably scaring it. So after that we kept our distance.

This was the tree he finally decided on. Can you spot him at the top?!

Sloths are seriously weird creatures. When they move they look like aliens. They make odd sounds. And gosh are they sort of funny looking. The three-toed ones are the kinds that look like they’re smiling. So they are cute. But yeah, just sort of odd. But I do love them. And I am so thrilled about this post to share all these pictures of sloths. So I hope you found these ten cuties as adorable as I do!!!

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