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Escape to Beaches in Lake Tahoe

I think one of the coolest parts about in Reno is the fact that Lake Tahoe is basically a half hour away. Before my family moved to Reno, we used to live in South Lake Tahoe and I have the best memories of growing up there. I mean, my elementary school was in the middle of the woods. That’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

In high school, as soon as we were able to drive, my friends and I were in Tahoe every weekend, all summer long, being lazy at the beach. As I’ve gotten older, it’s harder to make our way up there all the time, but I am always pleased when we do. As Bruce has gotten older, he has become a big fan of the Lake too. Although he mainly just eats sand, and tries to avoid the water, he seems to have a good time!

Unfortunately, this summer we didn’t go up too often, but here are some of the times we did!

Dollar Point, North Tahoe

My friend Micaela has an amazing Tahoe house up in Dollar Point, which is right outside Tahoe City. It’s right on the beach and has amazing views. Earlier this summer, she invited Bruce and I up to spend the night! Although I don’t have any pictures, we ended up going to this great bar-b-q at a park on the water, and watched the sunset (see photo at the top of this post!)

Incline Village

Dylan’s uncle’s friend (ha!) has the most incredible house I have ever seen right on the Lake in Incline Village. It’s one of those houses that is straight jaw dropping. In front of this mini palace is a private beach that we were able to spend an entire afternoon at. I literally pray that one day I will have a vacation house like this. I mean, look at that view!

Sand Harbor

My Godmother Robin came to visit us in July from Corpus Christi, TX with her son Lucas. Neither of them had been to Lake Tahoe before, and Lucas told us he had never swum in a lake! So we of course chose to spend a day in beautiful Sand Harbor. Sand Harbor is great because if you get there early enough, you pay for a parking spot, and get to go in where there are bathrooms, a food place, and perfect spots to be at the beach all day.

South Lake Tahoe

I actually spent a lot of time in South Lake Tahoe this summer. My girlfriend’s bachelorette party was down there, and that wedding was down at the Landing. The wedding we went to was absolutely gorgeous. With Lake Tahoe as the backdrop, this place was incredible. Half way through the wedding, Dylan and I slipped out to go walk along the beach. Completely fantastic!

What are your favorite beaches in Lake Tahoe? Share in the comments below!

Lake Tahoe

Distance: 40 miles

Driving Time: 51 minutes (to Incline Village)

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