• Caitlin McAninch

Escape to Hawthorne, NV

​The drive from Reno to Las Vegas offers very little to see. Asides from the handful of small towns and random brothels, there really isn't much except the vast open space and desert landscape. One of the small towns you pass through is Hawthorne, NV. Before Dylan and I began dating, I had driven through Hawthorne a few times, but never thought much of it. But now I spend every Thanksgiving there and visit whenever something comes up. All of Dylan's mom's side is from there, so now, I don't just drive through, I stop to visit.

Last month Dylan's cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Dominic Cruz. So for Labor Day, Dylan and I drove down to meet him.

Once you leave Reno, about two and a half hours out you know you're about to hit Hawthorne once you see Walker Lake. It's a huge, bright blue lake that you never actually see anyone swimming in. Dylan says he doesn't ever remember going into the water, but his mom did when she was younger. Because right on the lakeshore there is a large military base, who knows what is actually being put into the water.

Dylan's grandma has an off roading vehicle called a Ranger. And while we were there, Dylan's sister drove us up to the "H" on the mountain. When you get up that high and look out on the town, it's crazy to see how small the town is, but how large the land is. Those who say the desert isn't beautiful have obviously not had a view like this one.

Once we got back from off roading, we got to spend the whole afternoon and evening with Katie and her baby. Ah. He truly is an adorable little baby. He is so calm, and so quiet. Only cries when he needs food or a diaper change. And he is just so incredibly tiny, with itty bitty finger nails and toes. Just love him.

​And then, on Monday afternoon we headed back to Reno. Our quick little trip was perfect.

Hawthorne, NV

Distance: 140 miles

Driving Time: 2 hours (speeding)

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