• Caitlin McAninch

Escape from the Paintballs

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

My aunt always goes all out and beyond with my two cousin’s birthday parties. The parties over the years have had intricate themes with props, guests, and wonderful themed food. This year though, my cousin is turning 11 and my aunt has decided the age of extravagant birthday parties is behind us. So when we asked Austin what he wanted to do for his birthday, he replied: paintball.

On Sunday morning we all went out for brunch for Austin’s birthday, and afterwards we all went and layered up to get ready for paintballing. We went through Reno Indoor Paintball, which oddly enough doesn’t have indoor paintballing. We met our guide, Sean, up in the public lands out above Sun Valley.

The layout of our “course” was awesome. It was on a hill, not too steep, all in between the trees. There were plenty of bushes and trees to hide behind, but we still had plenty of shots at one another. We played multiple games Sean had set up for us. And even though we had a small group of 11, our small teams made it quite fun!

Getting shot didn’t hurt that bad. It was a direct pain that lasted for about a minute. But the welts lasted for the day, and now I am covered in bruises from where I was hit.

And of course, we had a great photo shoot of us all looking tough with our paintball guns once the fun was over. Turns out, my family is really into paintballing and now everyone wants their own guns!

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