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Food Diary: Washington D.C. Week 2

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

During my second week in D.C., I wouldn’t say I was less adventurous; I just went back for seconds at many of the places I had already been in week one. But, I still was able to try some new things that I really loved, and still snapped plenty of photos of all the great food and drinks I had! So continue on for a look at the places I ate last week!

ShopHouse Kitchen - Tuesday April 26, 2016

Like most fast-food joints in D.C., ShopHouse is set up Chipotle style, but you create your own Thai style dishes. You can choose to have your meal over rice or over cold noodles. Because the idea of cold noodles was a little off, I went with the rice! I chose their Grilled Steak Laab, and added spicy green beans, spicy red curry, cilantro and Thai basil, and topped it off with crispy garlic and fresh peanuts. For quick Asian food, I think ShopHouse does a good job. It had plenty of spice and great flavor.

Not Your Average Joes- Tuesday April 26, 2016

For dinner on Tuesday I met up with some friends at Not Your Average Joes. I’m pretty sure it’s just a chain restaurant from the area, but the food isn’t too bad. I was still pretty full from ShopHouse, so I chose to just get their lettuce wrap appetizer. It was very tasty and I loved the peanut dressing they used. I know it’s a place my local friends go to often, and it’s one girl’s favorite restaurant, so I recommend it too!

Duck Donuts - Wednesday April 27, 2016

Well to be honest, for lunch on Wednesday I had Panda Express… I know that’s not too exciting, but at home in Reno, I crave it all the time. Ha! During my first week in D.C., a coworker wanted to go to this new donut shop, because I don't like donuts, I didn't get one. But, during our work coffee break on Wednesday, someone brought in Duck Donuts. And since God put them in my path twice, I figured I better try them! Duck donuts is new to the Bethesda area, but comes from North Carolina. Basically you design your own donut based on their different glazes and toppings. But the donut bread itself is insanely amazing. I don’t even like donuts, and I ended up trying 6 different kinds. (Not whole ones! Just like, bite size-ish samples). My favorite was their coconut on vanilla glaze. Holy cow. So good. See below for their menu:

Nando’s Peri Peri - Wednesday April 27, 2016

On Wednesday my friend and I had dinner plans, and she was going to take me to this vegan place she wanted to try. So we rode into D.C. after work, and went to The Little Beet. I looked at the menu, and said, “no way.” It was rabbit food. Not my thing. So, instead she took me next door to Nando’s Peri Peri, which is famous for its Portuguese flame-grilled, butterfly‑cut chicken. It was very similar to the Peruvian chicken, but a slightly different flavor (I honestly thought it was Peruvian chicken until I looked at the website for this blog). I also ordered a delicious peach sangria!

Chopt & &Pizza - Thursday April 28 and Friday April 29, 2016

Like I said, I did repeats. For lunch on Thursday I went to Chopt again, and ordered the exact same salad. It was perfect as always. And for lunch Friday, I went to &Pizza again. But sadly, was disappointed. They added so much cheese that my pizza was soggy and I couldn’t really get through it. So when you go there, watch to make sure they don’t go crazy on the cheese, unless you’re into that! Although! There was an employee passing out samples of their dessert pizza, I have no idea what it was, but I highly recommend it! It was some sort of berry flavor with sugary cream, delicious!

Now that I’m home, I can say I’m really pleased with all the great food I had in D.C. But, I am thankful that Reno’s food choices aren’t too broad, because I think I would go broke eating out all the time. Or even worse! Lose appreciation for good food if it’s always an option!

Washington D.C.

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Driving Time: 1 day, 13 hours

My Flight: 6ish hours

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