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Reno River Festival: My Opinions & Thoughts

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

This weekend my parents and aunt were visiting Chicago, and I was responsible for my two younger cousins Austin and Hudson. To get them off their iPads, on Saturday I dragged them downtown to check out the Reno River Festival. Not really knowing what was going on, I was hoping it would be interesting enough for them not to want to rush home to their games.

One of the most exciting things about this event was seeing the Truckee River back at its full power. In 2015, the Reno River Festival was cancelled for the first time in 12 years because the river was so low. But, the snow-gods blessed us with an awesome winter, and our river is flowing full now!

This year, the 2016 U.S. National Whitewater Freestyle Championships were hosted in Reno during the Reno River Festival. Along the river a crowd was formed to cheer on kayakers that were fighting for their spot as champions! While we were there, the pre-teen competition was in full force, and the young kayakers were doing some crazy tricks! I was insanely impressed with their abilities to maneuver their small boats, and even more impressed that they could withstand the freezing Truckee River! Check out the pictures below to see some of the tricks we saw, including back flips, front flips, and cartwheels!

Asides from the intense competition in the water, the Festival included tons of outdoor merchants and food vendors, selling trinkets, kayak and outdoor gear, and of course, delicious street food. There was also wonderful live music playing and activities for the kids!

The one thing that drew my cousins’ eye was this awesome zip line set up between the east side of Wingfield Park and the plaza area by the movies. For $25 my cousins got to zip through the air across the Truckee twice! I even wanted to do it, but felt a little silly. Super cool though!

One event I wanted to do, but skipped because of the kids, was attend the Craft Beer Village. With a $25 ticket, patrons could try more than 18 different beers from local breweries! I will definitely be heading that way next year!

Most of the activities like this one at Wingfield Park are free to attend. It’s the food, drinks, and kid things that come with a price. With the success of this festival and it being the first big event of the season, I can tell this summer is going to be full of fun times in the River Walk District!

Who else made it down to the Reno River Festival this weekend? Did you have a good time? What events are you looking forward to this summer at Wingfield Park? Share your opinions and thoughts in the comments below!

Reno River Festival

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