• Caitlin McAninch

Escape to Boca Reservoir

Friday was such a beautiful day in Reno that we decided we wanted to take Bruce on a walk. But, it was a little too warm in the valley, so we decided to head up into the mountains to one of our favorite spots: Boca Reservoir.

Boca is about 25 minutes west of Reno. It’s a small, manmade lake that is created by the construction of the Boca Dam across Little Truckee River. I first went there when I started dating Dylan, because it’s his favorite place to go boating. Since then, we’ve spent tons of summer days up there wakeboarding, drinking, and enjoying the views!

We didn’t take the boat out at all in 2015 because the water was so low. But! I am happy to announce that the Boca Reservoir is 63% full so far this year! And there’s still snow up on those mountains that might increase the water!

Our afternoon was pretty simple this trip. We kept it pretty calm, just walking around the edge of the water, throwing sticks into the shallows for Bruce to chase. But of course, since I had my camera, I took a million photos of my dog:

We knew we wouldn’t be going into the water, so we didn’t take Bruce’s life jacket. But I want to be clear that usually, if we know we will be in the water we always have a life jacket for Bruce. Bulldogs aren’t good swimmers, and we like to be safe!

The outskirts of the water were a pretty muddy mess though! I sank about ankle deep in sludge and mud, and lost a flip flop to sticky ground! Dylan’s vans were pretty gross by the time we got to the car! And the moment we got home, Bruce went into the bath!

Overall, it was a great Friday afternoon and has us really excited for this summer! Who else is ready for boating and swimming in the beautiful lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains? Where are your favorite spots? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Boca Reservoir

Distance: 24.9 miles

Driving Time: 25 minutes

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