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5 Reno Hotspots for Pokémon Go

Unless you’ve been oblivious to what’s been going on in the last week and a half or you were at the end of your month’s data plan – you’ve been playing or seen someone playing Pokémon Go. It’s only been out for 12 days, but it has already taken the gaming world by storm – combining augmented reality and Millennial’s 20-year history with Pokémon, it’s no wonder it’s the coolest game app we’ve seen so far.

The first weekend it was out, Dylan and I spent the ENTIRE weekend searching Reno for PokéStops and the best Pokémon. Friday the 8th was our five-year anniversary and we had reservations at Ruby River Steakhouse, but we ended up cancelling them and eating at Food Truck Friday at Idlewild because we were too stoked on the game to stop for food.

We have been lucky enough to find some great areas with high CP Pokémon and multiple PokéStops, so I thought I would share! Read the rest of the blog to learn about our top 5 hotspots, the Pokémon we’ve caught there, and more!

1. Idlewild Park

Although we haven’t been catching tons of Pokémon at Idlewild, we love swinging by there to hit all the PokéStops! There are so many in a small space that you can fill your bag within an hour. The park is also great to run around and stack up your KMs to hatch those eggs.

Highlight Lots of PokéStops and there are always Lures going on.

# of PokéStops – 25

# of Gyms – 2

Common Pokémon in the Area – Eevee, Paras, Geodudes, and Ponyta

Best Pokémon I’ve Caught in the Area – Toros, Joleton

2. Downtown on the River

Between the new bridge and Wingfield Park there are SO MANY POKÉMON! I stood in the plaza right by Sierra Tap House, and they all flocked to me! There are also tons of PokéStops and everywhere you turn people are throwing out Lures. We have had the best luck and caught our best Pokémon there.

Downtown in general has a lot of PokéStops and we have seen some interesting Pokémon around. So, if you’re out on the town be sure to check your game to see if anything good is out!

Highlight Tons of great Pokémon, Lures, and Water Pokémon

# of PokéStops – Around 30

# of Gyms – 2

Common Pokémon in the Area – Diglett, Magikarp, Kabuto, Psyduck, Omanyte, Staryu

Best Pokémon I’ve Caught in the Area – Dratini, Squirtle (I caught four on Saturday night alone), Seaking, Kingler, Machamp

3. Rancho San Rafael Park

There are a lot of PokéStops in the Wilber May Arboretum and throughout Rancho. In the 11 years that I’ve been in Reno, I have not been to the Arboretum, but it’s so nice, so it’s a great place to get in some steps and supplies. We didn’t catch too many Pokémon, but we got high CPs with the ones we did see.

Highlight PokéStops and lots of KMs to hatch eggs!

# of PokéStops – 20+

# of Gyms – 3

Common Pokémon in the Area – Nothing really common, of course a lot of Pidgey, but that was about it.

Best Pokémon I’ve Caught in the Area – Eevee, Marowak

4. UNR Campus

If only this game was out while I was still in school! There are PokéStops all over campus! And every time we’ve stopped by there are Lures going on. We haven’t caught anything amazing yet, but there are a lot in general, which will help you get a lot of XP to level up!

Highlight PokéStops, and lots of low Pokémon = XP

# of PokéStops – 25+

# of Gyms – 1

Common Pokémon in the Area – Mankey, Nidoran Boy & Girl, Geodude, Ponyta

Best Pokémon I’ve Caught in the Area – Growlithe, Graveler (I got a 500!)

5. Sparks Marina / Legends Mall

Early on Saturday we woke up and walked around Legends Mall and Sparks Marina. Together, these two spots have a decent amount of PokéStops if you're willing to do some walking. We got plenty of Pokémon too. My favorite part was all the kids walking around with their parents playing.


On Sunday evening we ran back so I could grab screenshots for this blog, and there were Lure parties going off all around Legends! I haven't seen that mall so packed since Black Friday the year it opened! In the 15 minute we were there, I caught over 10 Pidgey and TONS of Ponyta.

Highlight Lots of walking to hatch those eggs!

# of PokéStops – 5 / 20

# of Gyms – 2 / 2

Common Pokémon in the Area – Magnemite, Machop, Ponyta

Best Pokémon I’ve Caught in the Area – Jynx, Charmander, Slowpoke

6. Other

As a bonus, I want to include some other great spots we’ve caught Pokémon in the Reno/Northern Nevada area, these include:

- Golf Course – We went golfing last Sunday at Wild Creek and the entire course was filled with Oddishes. I caught 11 of them in about three hours.

- Riverside Drive – Along Riverside Drive under the Keystone Bridge, our phones always go off! There are always all different types, but it’s a great short cut traveling from Idlewild to downtown, so make sure to travel that way!

- Battle Mountain – Dylan’s currently working out at Battle Mountain, so Monday through Thursday he’s hunting out there. He has caught tons of Onix and a Venomoth.

- Our House! – Just outside our door and even inside the house, I have caught an Arkanine, Machoke, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and a Parasect! Also, every morning there are random Pokémon in my apartment. I think when you haven’t played for a while (like when you’re sleeping), the game hands you a few.

- Eevee - Did you know we are actually blessed with how many Eevee are in Reno? Other trainers across the US are complaining because they can't find any!!!

Keep in mind, we live in Northwest Reno, and we are sure there are some great spots in South Reno, such as the Summit or other parks over there. But, these are the spots we’ve had the best luck, so we keep returning!

If you see us out and about, feel free to say hello! #GottaCatchEmAll!

Where in Reno have you had the best luck catching Pokémon? And what are the best Pokémon you’ve caught so far? Share in the comments below!

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