• Caitlin McAninch

Escape to The Elbow

While growing up, Dylan’s maternal side of the family would go camping along a small river hidden in the desert in Nevada. They called it the Elbow. Toady, Dylan’s whole family always spends once day at the Elbow during 4th of July Weekend swimming, eating, drinking, and reminiscing on old times.

The trek to get out to the Elbow is a doosey. There’s a dirt road off of the 338 in Nevada, just about 15 minutes east of Bridgeport. If you take that dirt road for about 20 minutes, a steep hill appears, and once you go down the hill, there’s a great view of a river that appears to be an oasis. Out of nowhere, brown turns to green. If you look at the map below, we stop right around the purple dot. If you continue on the dirt road, you’ll find yourself in Hawthorne, NV.

Once we take the turn off of the 338, everyone stops their trucks, and all the cousins pile into the back. Sitting in the back of the truck is incredibly bumpy and uncomfortable - hell, it's dusty too. But, it's tradition. All together, it's a pretty big group that goes. Dylan's grandma, plus her four kids, all their spouses and husbands, and even extended family. This year, there was about 22 of us. This is Dylan's grandma, Sherry. Like most, she loves to put her chair in the shallows and relax while everyone else splashes around her.

Both last year and this year were very fun for us since we had Bruce. The river is just deep enough that he can swim around and enjoy himself without us having to make him wear his life jacket. It’s great because he stays cool and can actually enjoy the hot summer day with us.

Pretty much everyone loves going tubing on the river. We grab a tube, run as far as we can up the river, and relax the whole way down. And if we're not tubing, we're standing in the river trying to catch whoever is coming down! Or, having splash fights!

The only downfall to the place is the bugs. There are mosquitos everywhere, but there are also these nasty giant flies called Deer Flies. I was trying to take a photo of Dylan when one started buzzing around him. I thought it was hysterical!

Even though it’s a simple day, just one spent relaxing and drinking by the water, our annual day at the Elbow is always one of my favorites and I can!

Do you know of any hidden oasis in Nevada? Share your favorite places to cool down in the summer in the comments below!

The Elbow

Distance: 118 miles

Driving Time: 2 hours 24 minutes

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