• Caitlin McAninch

Escape from the Dogs

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I never had a dog growing up. My mom got a puppy the year I moved out for college (I’m assuming to replace me), but he was never really mine. I never really disliked dogs; I just had no interest in them. When we got Bruce back in 2014, my whole view on dogs changed. Now, I love all dogs, young and old, and any type (almost). When I see dogs I get so excited and I love to love them all! I think that’s why I love the dog park so much!

The Rancho San Rafael Dog Park is super awesome in Reno. It’s 25 acres of space for any and all dogs to run and play. We have been so fortunate this summer that it’s been open, because last summer it was closed because of the drought.

But, as much as I love the idea of the dog park and taking Bruce, he doesn’t really feel the same.

We have been to the dog park a handful of times this since it opened again in March, but Bruce does the same thing every time: we enter the park, he runs about half way down the field, goes to each group of dogs and “says hello,” goes to the bathroom, then runs to the entrance and goes straight to the car.

This is about a 10-minute thing. And he’s done. Finished! Ready to go home.

It might be a bulldog thing – since he struggles to breathe well maybe the park just tuckers him out super fast. Or maybe, Bruce just really hates the dog park.

Either way, I still love the idea of the dog park. Seeing all the different breeds is always fun and I am always so stoked when we see other Bulldog Buddies.

Where else in Reno do you like to take your fur-babies? Share in the comments below!

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