• Caitlin McAninch

Denver Zoo: My Opinions & Thoughts

I’ve always had a strong love/hate feeling for zoos. I think the ability to get that close to animals is so unique and special, but at the same time, whenever I see animals in small enclosures I feel so bad for them. With that said, my love is always stronger than my dislike, for whenever there is a zoo in a city I visit, I always try to stop by.

So! While Dylan’s family and I visited Denver earlier this summer, Kendra and I chose to spend our first morning in the Mile High City at the zoo!

The Denver Zoo was really delightful. Knowing that it’s a cold city in the Rockies, I wasn’t expecting a zoo so big or with such diversity. The zoo is in a beautiful area of the city, and right next to a beautifullll neighborhood that I would kill to live in.


The zoo had so many types of animals that I got giddy over: hippos and rhinos, a polar bear, lots of monkeys and apes, beautiful birds, and so much more! The park was filled with lots of different plants and trees, with some areas so green and beautiful.

One animal I was so in love with was the rhino pictured below! He climbed into the pond in his enclosure and he swam around and splashed for a few minutes. It was the cutest thing to watch!

Animal Interactions

Although we didn’t take part in many of the pay-to-play animal interactions, such as feeding a hippo (AH!) we did feed beautiful Lorikeets! These birds were incredibly bold and hungry! None were as brave as to land on our hand, but they got so close to us, and were incredibly eager to drink the nectar we offered.

The Denver Zoo has quite a few up-close animal encounters that can be paid for, but there area also a lot of free encounters. The Zoo has tons of scheduled feedings and show times throughout each day, like the penguin feeding and meet the llamas! But, they also had some exhibits that had the animals incredibly close to us. One exhibit had these adorable monkeys that could climb limbs and ropes right over our heads!

Zoo Keeper Notes

One of my most favorite parts of the Denver Zoo was the appearance of “Keepers Notes” in front of different exhibits. We saw notes explaining why some animals were behaving in certain ways, if some animals were sick or on medication, and even a note introducing a new Rhino to the Zoo. I truly thought it was such a cool feature of the Denver Zoo.

We were incredibly lucky because we got to the zoo right when it opened, and we were able to see all the animals before the crowds arrived. Once we were near the last of the exhibits, there were so many groups of fieldtrips, kids clubs, you know – all the kids in matching t-shirts.

Have you visited the Denver zoo? What did you think about it?! Share your thoughts in the comments below!