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All You Can Eat Sushi: Why Reno is the Best Place for Raw Fish

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I love food. That might even be an understatement. I thoroughly enjoy eating really great food. One thing I crave all the time is sushi. If you aren’t from Reno, that might seem odd since I don’t live near the ocean. Few people realize Reno is kind of an awesome place for sushi, being only 4 hours from the ocean, a lot of trucks drive into Reno filled with fish for all the sushi lovers here in town.

The absolutely, most amazing, fanstical part of Reno sushi, is All You Can Eat. Every sushi place I have been to here in town offers All You Can Eat (AYCE). This means appetizers, all nigiri, hand rolls, and long rolls are all included for about $20. Nicer places in town charge upwards of $26, while you can AYCE lunch for $15. As far as I know, only Las Vegas has a few AYCE sushi joints, but other than that, I haven’t heard of it. It’s a Reno thing. And I’m thankful.

My Favorite Sushi Places

My two most favorite places in town are Tha Joint and Hiroba. Seeing as both of their menus are incredibly similar, I don’t really have a preference. Dylan likes Tha Joint better, and I can say I am so happy there is a new location in Reno instead of Spanish Springs. I've been told that the head chefs from Hiroba left to open up Tha Joint and that's why they're so alike, love them both either way.

Both Tha Joint and Hiroba offer yakiton on their appetizer menus, which are these fried cream cheese filled, fish things. Or as the menu says, cream cheese wonton with seafood. I could live off them. Delicious.

Both also have a wide variety of cooked rolls. As much as I say I love sushi, I won’t actually eat raw fish. Or fish for that matter… I love shrimp, crab, cooked scallops, and crispy things. I like deliciously cooked rolls, and will eat those all day.

Lastly, both these places also offer Mochi: delicious weird ice cream balls that are wrapped in weird tempura batter. Basically the best way to finish off a fantastic meal.

Best Sushi Places for Your Money

Although Tha Joint and Hiroba have my heart – and my taste buds – most of the time I find myself at Sushi Rose, this tiny place that’s in Northwest Reno by my house. On Mondays, if you pay for AYCE sushi, beer and saki are free. Since everyone in Reno knows everyone, this news has spread over the years, making the place pretty busy on Mondays. Even though the sushi isn’t the best, it’s satisfying enough. The staff on the other hand, they never act too excited when you order another drink. Stingy…

Sushi on Your Birthday in Reno

If sushi is your favorite, then make sure to go on your birthday. Most places offer great deals if you visit on your birthday. Tha Joint offers a promotion that if you go in with three people the week before or after your birthday, your meal is free. Sushi Rose gives free sushi if you go on the day of your birthday. And Hiroba gives 50% off AYCE if you go in on your birthday.

One thing my friend Micaela and I always complain about is the fact we can’t put down sushi like we used to. I remember in high school, I would devour like 5 or 6 rolls, crush appetizers, and fill up on soda. But now, I’m stuffed after 2 ½ rolls and a few appetizers. I don’t understand how it happens. Maybe because my metabolism is slower, my ability to eat a ton has disappeared. Either way, I still like to add up all the things I order to make sure I get my moneys worth. Am I the only one?

I always want it. I become envious when I see friends’ snaps or Instagram posts of the delicious food. My mom is even a tease with such posts as this targeting my cravings:

Ha! But, if you’re ever in town and you want to get sushi, hit me up!

Where are your favorite Sushi restaurants in Reno? Share in the comments below!

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