• Caitlin McAninch

5 Things to do in Reno in September

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

September is upon us, which means school is back in gear and our nights are getting cooler! As always, there is plenty of things going on this month! Continue on to see 5 things to do in Reno in September.

1. Reno Balloon Races

When: September 9 – 11

Where: Rancho San Rafael Park

This year marks the 35th year for the Great American Balloon Races! Every year colorful, beautiful hot air balloons fill Reno skies. And if you can wake up early enough, you can witness Dawn Patrol, a time when all the balloons light up before the sun come up. It’s incredibly beautiful. Beware! Dogs are not welcome at the balloon races, last year we had to stay out because we took Bruce.

The image above is a great shot my mom took a few years ago. I am super excited because this year I will have my nice camera to play with! But also, my grandparents are coming out to see the balloons! So, I'll for sure be there!

2. Camel & Ostrich Races

When: September 9 – 11

Where: Virginia City

Although I’ve never been, the rest of my family has gone up to Virginia City for the Camel and Ostrich races and have had great times! From noon to 3pm you can find all different activities up in Virginia City surrounding the event.

3. Reno Drinking Events

Where: Downtown Reno

As always, if you get thirsty, there are plenty of drinking events going on in September! Incredibly exciting news though, this month there is a Pokémon Go Crawl! I can’t even imagine drinking and playing Pokémon Go all night, especially since Downtown Reno has tons of great Pokéstops. Unfortunately, I won’t be in town for this event. So someone’s going to have to tell me how it is!

Reno Pokémon Go Crawl – September 17

Reno Wine Walk – September

Monthly Reno Beer Crawl – September 27

4. Wild Island

When: September 18

Where: Wild Island

Wild Island’s last day of the season is September 18! Although I don’t really love water parks, I still have had some great times at Wild Island. I never made it there this summer, but you still have time to make it out there before all the pools are drained!

5. Street Vibrations

When: September 21 – 25

Where: Downtown Reno

Every year Reno is filled with the sound of motorcycles and Harleys as Street Vibrations begins. The motorcycle festival has music, metal, and bikes with lots of food, shows and live entertainment all over town. You can even find events up in Virginia City or Lake Tahoe.

What are the events you want to go to this month? Will you be doing any of these things this month?

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