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Escape to Las Vegas

The number one thing I hear when I tell people where I’m from is, “you’re from Nevada? Do you go to Las Vegas a lot?” Ha. No. Most people don’t realize that Las Vegas is an eight hour drive from Reno, so hell no I don’t go to Las Vegas a lot. In the past ten years, I’ve been there two times – well, now three. And this past weekend has been the only time I was actually legally allowed to experience the real Vegas.

One of my closest friends finally turned 21 on Friday. #TrayTurns21! And her parents wanted to celebrate big! So Taylor, Emily, Taylor’s parents, their closest friends, Taylor’s three roommates and myself all headed down to the City of Sin.

I know their slogan is “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,” but I won’t be sticking to that. Here’s a breakdown of my wild weekend drinking, eating, clubbing and everything else!

Drinking in Las Vegas

Let’s state the obvious. People get insanely drunk in Vegas. And I got my buzz on my first night there. As midnight approached on Thursday, we had a few rounds of drinks in Taylor’s parents’ room, and then we went out and did a few rounds of shots. But overall, it was a lot of mixing types of alcohol and spread out. So yes, I can now say I got drunk in Vegas.

The thing that sticks with me about the drinks in Vegas is the price! Not only is alcohol expensive, soda at the food court was $4, a Red Bull was $8 and water in the nightclub was $10. Drinking in the room was a great option, but even shopping at stores on the Strip was insane!!!

Eating in Las Vegas

I was incredibly excited about the idea of eating amazing meals by famous chefs at the casinos. Unfortunately this was more of a partying trip than an eating trip. Most of the time we ended up eating at the MGM Grand Food Court. Which was basically the quality of the Meadowood Mall Food Court, nothing special.

But, on Taylor’s actual birthday we went to this restaurant called Hecho En Vegas. It was actually incredibly good! I had amazing fajitas!

Clubbing in Las Vegas

The nightclubs in Las Vegas are like none I’ve ever been to. They’re absolutely huge and everyone is beautiful. It’s almost like all pretty people from around the world have gathered in one place to just rage. We lucked out by knowing someone in Las Vegas who was able to connect us with club hosts, so we got into Hakkasan and Jewel for next to nothing. Needless to say, we had such an amazing time going out in Vegas I had to write an entire blog on it. Wait til tomorrow!

By the way, see me right underneath Lil Jon in the pic below? I'm basically famous now since he poured tequila into my mouth.

Pool-ing in Las Vegas

On Friday Taylor’s dad got us a cabana at the MGM Adult Pool. Our plan was to hang out there then make our way to the pool day club but we never even made it. The cabana was wonderful. As was our cabana breakfast burritos, the drinks all day and the refreshing cold pool water. Unfortunately I was a little sore from the night before, so I didn’t really take advantage of the stocked mini bar in our cabana until around 3pm. Taylor was hurting so bad from the night before she was considering getting an IV from the Cabana IV Menu! Who knew that was a thing?!

Extras in Las Vegas

Another thing I just have to add because it blew my mind goes hand in hand with the IV Menu. Literally anything is available at your fingertips in Las Vegas. Emily set up an appointment for this woman to come and do Taylor’s hair and make-up before we went out on Friday night. Which was really awesome! And, on Friday night Emily broke her phone, and they were able to send someone up to our room on Saturday to fix it! You can get anything down there!

Las Vegas was insane. I didn’t expect it to be so… much. It’s mind blowing how much money is spent in that town and how wild it really gets. I had a really good time, but I don’t think I’d ever go back.

How have your Las Vegas experiences been? Do you love it, or can you skip it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Las Vegas

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