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Mickey's Halloween Party: My Opinions & Thoughts

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Lately I’ve been asked quite a few times if I have ever been to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. Of course I have! So I figured since the parties kick off this Friday, it would be a perfect time to write up a review on the event!

First things first, I did not go to Mickey’s Halloween Party with kids. I have no idea what the party is like with little ones, but I hope one day I will take my babies, because I had such an awesome time when I went!

Back to the post. For this trip, we drove down to the Disneyland Resort with Dylan’s parents and his sister. His brother flew down and met us there. Once I read that the Mickey’s Halloween Party was going to be happening during our trip, I knew we had to get tickets. I purchased Dylan and my ticket, and Deanna got theirs.

The way the event works is that when you purchase a ticket ($79-$89) you can go into Disneyland three hours before the event to enjoy the park before the event starts. When you enter, you’re given a wristband, and then once the Party starts at 6pm or 7pm, everyone who does not have a wristband has to leave. So, it might be worth it to not purchase a day ticket if you plan on going to this event, and just spend the afternoon/evening in the park.

We headed back to the hotel around 4pm the day of the party to get our costumes on and grab the separate tickets that we needed. We got back to get into line, and Deanna realized she had only bought three tickets, not four. And the event was sold out. I share this story because it’s kind of funny, but also, because Disney Magic was provided to us that night. Even though the event had been sold out for a month, the gate manager let Austin go into the Party anyways! We were all so grateful!

The highlights of Mickey’s Halloween Party can be broken down into four categories: candy, shows, characters, costumes and rides. Continue on to see my review on all!

Candy at Mickey’s Halloween Party

One of the highlights of Mickey’s Halloween Party is the trick-or-treating. But, one might ask themselves, is $89 worth of candy really worth it? Heck no. Unless you’re just swimming in money. But… on the other hand, we didn’t go for the candy. We were given a map of the trick-or-treating paths as we entered, and we were even given bags for our candy, but we weren’t really focused on it.

With that said, as we were running from ride to ride, we passed so many candy kiosks (that’s really what they are) that we had to take advantage. For example, there was one directly behind Dumbo, so you just walked around to get the candy. Then they had one inside the Village Haus Restaurant, and the entire place was decorated inside! The list goes on and on because there are so many kiosks. We left with so much candy and we weren’t even trying. I’ve seen pictures on Facebook of people leaving with 10+ pounds of candy. Crazy! And, just so you know, it’s good candy too!

Shows at Mickey’s Halloween Party

So the year we were there they had a parade, but they didn’t do it last year due to the 60th anniversary, but it is back for 2016! There also was and still is an amazing firework show called Halloween Screams that incorporates all our favorite Halloween characters like Jack, Zero, and more. I’m not even a firework type of gal and I was loving it!

This year they are incorporating the ride of the Headless Huntsman down Main Street! From all the social media gossip, this will be an extremely exciting sighting!

Characters at Mickey’s Halloween Party

During this event many villainous characters that are rarely spotted in the park all come out to play! Town Square is filled with the Disney Villains waiting to get their picture taken with you! Some that we saw when we went were Jafar, Hades, Govenor Ratcliffe, Maleficient, Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen and Cruella. Very cool experience for little ones since these types are rarely out and about!

Rides at Mickey’s Halloween Party

One thing that must be brought up is this is a limited ticket event, which means the park isn’t full. And what does that mean? Short lines!!! We didn’t wait in a single line for a ride all night. We rode Big Thunder 3 times in a row without a line. If you want to go for one night of the year, this is the night! Ha! And we were cruising from ride to ride with no one around, and that’s when we would stop at the candy stops, and keep making our way to the next ride. We got so much done in one evening. It was fantastic!

Costumes at Mickey’s Halloween Party

You may not know this, but anyone over 14 technically can’t dress up at Disneyland. So, this is really the only time of year at Disneyland that they allow adults and teens to dress up. There truly are so many creative costumes at the park. When we went, Kendra and I dressed up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Adorbs, I know. And Dylan and Austin were subtle versions of Woody and Buzz. There are pretty strict guidelines though, so if you go and decide to dress up, just look into what is allowed before.

Decorations at Mickey’s Halloween Party

One more thing I thought of while writing this post was just how great the park looks. Within hours the park truly does change, with extra Halloween magic spread throughout the park. One of the coolest things we saw was Rivers of America covered in a layer of fog and the Mickey Ghosts around the park. It’s very impressive how the change it up so quickly!

Have you been to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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