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Escape on Carnival Miracle: My First Cruise

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Back in June Dylan and I were ordering our lunch when out of the blue he said, “I want to go on vacation again.” In my head, I was like, Disneyland! But then he continued, “I think we should go on a cruise.” A cruise?! Bleh. Why! In my mind I assumed a cruise would be like being locked in a hotel with no way out, literally (because you’re surrounded by water). But, because we always do what I want to do (Disneyland) I agreed. We booked our seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise a month later.

On Saturday September 17th, we set sail on the Carnival Miracle. The moment we got on board my perceptions began to change. I was debating on how to best describe my ship, but I’ve decided to break it down by room, activities, food and relaxation. Read on to get my full breakdown of my experience on a cruise!

Stateroom on the Carnival Cruise

Due to the fact I was terrified of being claustrophobic, I booked us a room with a balcony. It was amazing. Being able to prop our door open and listen to the waves was my favorite part of the trip. Alongside being naked on my balcony after every shower… The room had so much storage; it was fantastic! Our bed was extremely comfortable, too. So comfortable in fact, my bed at home now feels awful!

We ended up spending hours in our room each day. I never felt like it was cramped and it truly was great!

Activities on the Carnival Cruise

Every evening the Carnival Cruise staff places a schedule in your “mailbox” listing all the activities going on the following day on the ship. And there truly is SO much do to. I attended a cooking class, an art auction (for the free Champaign), hung out at a Sport’s Bar, laid at the pool, attended a dirty adult scavenger hunt, and attended comedy shows every night. Dylan and I even separated and did our thing for a while. Really, so much to do.

Even with all that, we skipped tons of activities and opted to do two on-shore excursions. We went on a Snorkel and Sail Fiesta in Cabo San Lucas and we went on this insane all day excursion in Puerto Vallarta that took us to waterfalls, horseback riding, and more snorkeling. I was so glad we booked through the cruise even though so many online blogs and Pinterest recommended that we didn’t. From what I understand you can find cheaper excursions off the boat. Due to bad weather one of our excursions was cancelled. We woke up and had a notice in our mailbox from Carnival along with an option to rebook for the next day. Not sure if we could have done that if we had booked through a different company.

Food on the Carnival Cruise

Because I’ve been to tons of casino buffets here in Reno, I assumed the food on the cruise would be very similar in taste and quality. Man was I wrong. There were many options for food and drinks on the boat and the best part was most was all included. I took pictures of almost every single meal and will be dedicating an entire post to it tomorrow, so come back!

We also got to meet three amazing couples because of our dinner assigned seating. We loved them all and are pretty sure we made great friends for life! One of the fun things the boat does is elegant night, as you can see from the photo above and to the right, we got real dolled up and fancy. Because we had the seven day cruise plus we spent one night in the steak house, we had three dress up nights! It was super fun!

Relaxation on the Carnival Cruise

Because you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean “Days at Sea” on a cruise ship are specifically for relaxing. Yeah, there’s a gym and tons of stuff going on, but you still have to be open to basically do absolutely nothing everyday to really appreciate it. I took naps everyday, wore no make-up except at fancy dinner, and even went without a bra. Yes… Funny story: while driving down to LA, about four hours out of Reno I realized I didn’t pack a bra. I packed 10 days worth of clothes, plus additional outfits, swimsuits, 6 bottles of sunscreen, all of Dylan’s stuff, accessories and shoe options, but no bra. Truly relaxing.

Here's a few more photos, the first two are maps they updated everyday all the time to show our location. I always had it on our tv in our room. Below those is a great selfie of Dylan and I on our balcony!

Have you ever been on a cruise? Do you love it or hate it?! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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