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Food Diary: Carnival Miracle

Before I left for my cruise I read a lot of blogs that highlighted the food options on cruise ships. I also read there was a good chance I would be gaining 15 pounds on my trip. Well, lucky for me I did no such thing. But I did enjoy the food. So much I ate multiple servings every night.

Normally on my food blogs I break down every meal or restaurant I try every day of my trip. This time I am going to break down the different food I had based on meals since all were basically from the same place. So please continue on to enjoy pictures of all the amazing food I had on my Carnival Cruise!!!

Breakfast on the Carnival Cruise

We ate in two main places for breakfast: Horatio’s buffet on the Lido deck on days we were in Port and the main dining room, Bacchus, for brunch on our days at sea. For a breakfast buffet, the Lido deck had TONS of options: tons of cereal, fruit, breakfast meats galore (I ate ham every day), omelet bars and crazy specials each day such as salmon eggs benedict. The French toast was one of my favorites and I always enjoyed each meal by a window watching the ocean.

Brunch was a tad bit more formal. As in, there was a menu. But every morning the options were the same, and every morning I got their Huevos Rancheros. Holy moly. It was to die for. I’ve never had Huevos Rancheros better than what I had on the ship. Dylan ventured out and tried the chocolate chip pancakes, regular pancakes and omelets. The fun part about brunch was we were always placed next to older couples that were on their 19th or even 27th cruise! Very fun to talk to.

Lunch on the Carnival Cruise

Lunch on the boat depended on how hungry we were from breakfast. Sometimes we would enjoy the Lido buffet, or other times we would just skip it. My favorite spot, but I managed to keep missing it, was the Chinese food section of the buffet. It was also just like my favorite take-out spot in Reno. So good.

Dinner on the Carnival Cruise

We spent every evening except one eating dinner at the dining room called Bacchus. Here the same three waiters served us all week that knew us by name. We also sat with the same people each night that quickly became our friends.

Every night offered an appetizer, an entrée, side and dessert. But, there are no limitations to how many of each you get. For example, on elegant night when the boat served lobster tail, I ordered three lobster tails, a filet mignon, baked potato and finished with pineapple ice cream. Best meal by far.

I had tons of appetizers, including: shrimp spring rolls, clam chowder, tortilla soup, crab cakes, caprese salad, and a lot more that I just don’t have pictures of!

Some of the other incredible entrees I had besides lobster tail include baked chicken dish, prime rib, sirloin steak, short ribs, fried chicken, ravioli, and steak tacos.

I honestly couldn't tell you what I had for dessert every night, but here's a few pictures!

One night Dylan and I opted to try the steak house on board, Nick and Nora’s. We had a fantastic time. Nestled on the top deck of the boat, we were able to enjoy our five course meal while watching the ocean. I ordered crab cakes, a Cesar salad, surf & turf (duh), and an ice cream sampler to finish. The meal also came with a Chef’s compliment, which was a tiny little appetizer to start! Mine was a pea soup!

Late Night Snacks on the Carnival Cruise

Our dinner was at 6pm every night, so let’s be real, I was always hungry before bed. Our go-to late night spot was this pizza bar up on the Lido deck. Anytime at night you could go and get a medium sized pizza with whatever you wanted on it, and it was absolutely delicious.

There was also a 24 hour room service option in our stateroom. The menu had a wide variety of options, but we never used it! Next time!

Eating off the Ship

On days we were in port, Dylan and I would always wake up real early, get ready and eat breakfast on the Lido deck. And for dinner, we would be back on the ship in time to make it to dinner. With that said, we left little room for a big meal off the boat. But, it was my goal to have amazing tacos while in Cabo San Lucas – and man did I have amazing tacos in Cabo San Lucas. The first day in Cabo we asked around and everyone recommended Taco Guss. Unfortunately, drinking took up too much of our time and we never made it. But, on our second day, we found the restaurant and enjoyed it thoroughly. The corn tortillas were made right in front of us and everything was so fresh. Oh my God, the salsas! SO GOOD!!! Added bonus, our eight tacos cost us $8. Perfect.

I am so mad I don’t have a picture, but our meal in Puerto Vallarta was heaved. The last stop on our excursion was a beach BBQ, and the food was just phenomenal. Along with unlimited drinks, we had unlimited access to the food, well, until it ran out. They had this dish that reminded me of the freshness of ceviche, but it was all vegetables. But it was so fresh and amazing. The steak, too. Ahhh-mazing. This excursion was worth it for the food alone!

I truly get how you could gain so much weight on a cruise. And okay, for real, my pants are definitely a tad bit tighter again. The food taste and quality was perfect and I always remained impressed. Carnival gets an A+ from me!

Have you been on a cruise? How did you feel about the food! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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