• Caitlin McAninch

Food Diary: Halloween Disneyland Resort

Holidays at Disneyland are always the best. For me, Halloween is by the far the most fun, maybe it’s because Halloween is my favorite holiday. Luckily for me, our one-day at Disneyland was during Halloween Time!

We spend a lot of time eating at Disneyland, mainly because I have so many favorite things that can only be found at the parks. I’ve always considered myself a slight foodie because I love food; I’ve never been much of a sweet eater. But, things change a bit at Disneyland because there are so many great sweet treats. This is especially true during Halloween.

Even though I wasn’t able to try everything I wanted in our 16 hours spent in the park, I was able to grab a few things here and there, and snap a lot of photos of the Halloween themed desserts that filled the park.

The first thing we saw was at Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney. Here there were chefs decorating candied apples into skulls and even the head of the Evil Queen.

Once we got into the park, I of course was giddy about all the Halloween decorations on Main Street. Disney always goes all out, and it’s just fantastic!

Our favorite place to buy sweets is Pooh’s Corner shop in the back of Critter County. They always have tons of options. We saw Mickey Pumpkin, Poison Apple and Mummy cake pops, Mummy crispy treats, Minnie Witch, Poison Skull and Jack Skellington candy apples, pumpkin flavored treats and Day of the Dead-inspired desserts.

What are your favorite desserts and treats at Dinseyland? Do you get excited for the seasonal desserts?! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Disneyland Resort

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