• Caitlin McAninch

Engagement Photo Shoot in Squaw Valley

Even though our engagement basically just began, I was eager to get our engagement photos done so I could finish creating our wedding website. Because of last weekend's weather (snow and rain) I was sure we wouldn't be able to take the photos, but luckily for us Saturday morning was almost perfect!

Early Saturday morning I woke up and got ready, woke up Dylan, then my mom picked us up at 6 am and we headed up to Squaw Valley.

As you drive up to Squaw, once you turn off the highway there is a beautiful valley right before you hit the village. One of my best friends took her senior pictures there years ago, and it was the first place that came to mind when I envisioned our photos.

As we pulled up to the location last week it was barely sprinkling, incredibly windy, but absolutely beautiful. The storm mixed with the sunrise (and possibly a fire) left the valley with the most beautiful glow. Although we are shivering in every picture, my mom got some great photos!! Thanks, Lorie! Here are a few of our favorites:

And then we had an outfit change... hehe.

Then, right as we took the above image, I noticed there was a huge rainbow right behind Dylan's head!!! So my mom RAN around to us, almost tripping over the mud and bushes, and grabbed these incredible pictures:

I'm definitely not a wedding, life style, or DIY blogger. But, I have a lot of great stuff coming up that revolves around our wedding, so stay tuned for crafting, planning and more for the #McAninchWedding.

Squaw Valley Distance: 41.1 miles

Travel Time: 45 minutes

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