• Caitlin McAninch

Reno Chili Cookoff: My Thoughts & Opinions

This past weekend was the 50th Anniversary of the World’s Championship Chili Cookoff and the second year it’s been held at the Grand Sierra here in Reno. I went in 2015 with my family so I was eager to go again this year.

The event was Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I headed to the event on Sunday with my mom and my aunt.

The cool part about the chili cook off is all different chefs come in to present their home recipes. Around 200 cooks from all over the country came! There are all different International Chili Society (ICS) events through out the year.

I enjoyed talking with all the different cooks, especially the ones with big southern accents. This one guy cracked us up when he said, “the chili has to have some spice, or else it’s just hot dog sauce.” Unfortunately, most of the chili was never that spicy.

Most of the chili we tried was really great, but some were just, no. We couldn't eat it. Unfortunately my mom grabbed this shot of me, but I just had to share it...

The 2016 Chili Cookoff included a beer festival with local breweries from Reno and California. One of the best ones we had was a berry brew from a stop called Coronado Brewing Company.

The bad part of the day was pretty obvious. Lots of chili mixed with lots of beer makes one feel awfully bloated. All three of us were extremely full and ready for naps by the time the event came to an end.

But, before we were able to leave, we had to watch the headliners of Sunday: the Spazmatics. They were a 80s and 90s cover band that dressed up all nerdy. They had some pretty great dance moves and a surprising amount of fans.

Grand Sierra Chili Cookoff

Distance: 5.5 miles

Driving Time: 8 minutes

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