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3 Reasons the Peppermill is My Favorite Staycation Spot in Reno

I get so excited for the holiday season because that means it’s time for corporate Christmas parties! Which also means it’s time for Dylan and I to go on a staycation! Since we live in Reno, there’s a number of hotel and casinos we can choose from. Well, we aren’t Las Vegas, but we still have decent options. Our favorite time and again is always the Peppermill.

The Peppermill is situated pretty much right in the middle of Reno, just a few minutes from the airport. And this past weekend Dylan and I moved in! Temporarily, of course.

Here are the top three reasons we always choose the Peppermill for our staycations:

Giant Bathtubs

The bathrooms in the Peppermill are amazing. With a huge steam shower, a TV and plenty of room for me to get ready in, I’m way content. But, they also include giant European soaking tubs big enough for two people to sit comfortably! It must be because I don’t have a bathtub at my apartment, but I get so excited to fill it up and drop a bath bomb in! I actually took two baths over the weekend, and both were so relaxing and wonderful. No joke. I will say this is the main reason we stay here.

Updated Rooms

I won’t point fingers, but a number of hotels in Reno just seem old. Because they are casinos, they have that stale smoke stench that has found a way into the rooms and has never left. In all honesty most of our hotels are more like motels, icky. The Peppermill’s Tuscan Tower is pretty new and updated and seem to be changing for the better. Both images above are from our room!

For example, we did notice that since our last visit the mini bar in the room had been replaced with an empty refrigerator. This was wonderful since I did not have to use the second bathroom sink as an ice chest! (yes, before I would place our BYOB drinks in the sink and dump ice on them. Classy, I know.)

It’s Not Downtown

Dylan and I just aren’t really Downtown Reno type of people. There are a few restaurants we like, but overall we don’t enjoy hanging out in the Downtown area. So, there’s really no reason for us to stay in a Downtown casino. We love the location of the Peppermill and that there aren’t as many sketch-o people roaming around. It’s a big hotel that isn’t constricted by the dimensions of Downtown. The pools are great and we enjoy the views of the mountains we get! As you can tell, it was sort of a stormy weekend, but normally there are beautiful mountains behind that layer of fog in the picture above!

The Peppermill is our go-to spot for a staycation in Reno. Last year we stayed there for Dylan’s birthday and the holiday party. We’ll see how often we make it there in 2017!

Do you get to take a lot of staycations when you're not actually traveling? What are some of your favorite spots?

Peppermill Resort and Casino

Distance: 8.8 miles

Driving Time: 14 minutes

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