• Caitlin McAninch

Escape Reno 2016 Recap

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Hello and Happy Holidays!!! Even though Christmas has passed, to me it’s still the holidays until after New Year’s. That’s normal, right? I was sitting down to create an outline of 2017 for my blog because I’m trying to keep really organized. But while looking over 2016 blogs, I realized what an amazing year I’ve had. I have been to a few new and amazing places and revisited some of my most favorite places!

So in today’s post, I’m just going to sort of scrapbook my 2016!


Our first big trip of 2016 was to Disneyland Resort. We went all out and stayed at the Grand Californian, which was absolutely incredible. I still can’t believe how wonderful it was!!

We went because I love Disney and Dylan puts up with my obsession, but our main reason to go was because I ran the Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon. Turns out, I do not love running.


February was sort of uneventful, except for when we tried to do a day in the snow up at Boca Lake and my car got stuck in the snow…


Again, March was an uneventful month. But, it was positive for Bruce because the dog park opened back up again!


My first and only solo trip of 2016 was back to Washington DC. It was great to be back in the only big city I’ve ever loved!


Warm weather meant I finally went to the wine walk. For the second time in my life.

I stumbled across these pictures while working on this post. Back in May we went up to Boca Reservoir for the day to let Bruce swim. The weather was so perfect.

Dylan’s brother, Austin, graduated college in May from a school in Denver. It was so nice to go there because my best friend from High School, Lauren, also lives in Denver. It was the greatest trip!


Summer is our favorite because it means camping! Not too many trips this year, but we did make it up to Dog Valley.


Every year we spend the 4th of July down in Bridgeport, CA. This year we spent every day exploring the area. We went to Bodie(pictured below), the Elbow and a hot spring.

One of the coolest things I did this year was venture out into the middle of nowhere and shoot pictures of the wild horses in Nevada. I still can’t believe how gorgeous they were.


A summer isn’t complete until we’ve been to a Lake Tahoe wedding. This year it was for Dylan’s uncle. Next year? It’ll be ours!!!

One of my closest friends finally turned 21 this year. That meant a trip to Las Vegas!! Our wild weekend was incredible!

And lastly, we can’t forget that I randomly went to Burning Man by myself for a few hours.


September was a busy month for us! It started with the Reno Balloon Races!

We spent one day in Disneyland, and if you remember, Dylan popped the question!

I went on my very first cruise! For 7 days I lived on a boat, and it was the best 7 days of my entire life. I am definitely a cruiser.

The cruise took us to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Gosh how I love Mexico. Dylan and I joke about moving there all the time. Maybe one day!


October was a great month spent in Reno. The fall weather was too perfect this year and the colors were great.

The major thing that sticks out in my mind was when I won that radio contest and Dylan and I got to participate in a grape stomp competition. We lost…

We did so many Halloween activities, including going to the corn maze.


As always, we headed down to Hawthorne, NV to spend Thanksgiving at Dylan’s grandma’s house. Nothing beats 20 people sitting down to enjoy one big dinner. This was our family photo this year:


December was another great month in Reno, NV. We had our engagement party at the beginning of the month.

Every year we head into the mountains to get a Christmas tree, with a permit of course!

We celebrated the holidays with friends and family!

2016 was pretty fantastic for me. Looking back, I have zero complaints. I am beyond excited for 2017 and all we have planned for the new year.

How was your year? What are some of the things you’re looking forward to in 2017? Share in the comments!