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3 Reasons Top of the Roc is the Best NYC View

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

New York City has three main observation decks that you can visit to get absolutely incredible views of the city. But, a question many have when they first go to Manhattan is “which one do I visit?” Because they’re not free to tour, it’s common to only go to one per visit. And hands down, my favorite is the Top of the Roc – aka the Comcast Building at Rockefeller Center.

I’m summarizing three reasons that you should visit the Top of the Roc when you visit New York City.

1. You can see the Empire State Building

One of the most iconic buildings in the United States is the Empire State Building, and you certainly can’t see it if you’re standing on the top of it!

Not saying you should never go to the top of the Empire. The Observation Deck is one of the most popular spots in New York City, with an amazing view standing at 1200 feet. Keep in mind: because of its famous name the lines are often longer to get in.

But truly, because the Top of the Roc is significantly closer than other observation decks, you’re going to get one of the best views of the Empire State Building in New York right on top of the Roc.

2. You get a perfect 360-degree view of the city.

It may not be the tallest building in New York, but it most definitely gives you a full 360-degree view of the city. The observation deck is three tiered, with full views of the city every way you look. The 67thand 69thfloor has full window views of the city and the 70thfloor is open-air with only glass blocking you.

From these floors, you can see every major site in the city: Central Park, both Hudson and East River, the Chrysler building, Grand Central Terminal, and if your sight is good enough, you can even make out the Statue of Liberty! You can straight up see everything from up there, and it’s insanely awesome.

And I’ll say, my most favorite view is that facing Central Park. It’s absolutely awesome to see how big the park really is. But. I will say, that building in this photo was NOT there when I was last on top of the Roc back in 2014. The growth in New York City over the past four years is truly insane.

3. Location of Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is right by the main tourist areas you’re going to want to hit when visiting New York City. Just a few blocks from both Times Square and Central Park, you’re super close to everything once you finish your tour.

No matter where you are in New York City, you’re going to get an amazing view. Hell, even standing on the ground and looking up is truly breathtaking. In all the places I’ve visited, nothing is like New York City. But, as I have said above, the views from the Top of the Roc truly are breathtaking, and it’s one of my most favorite views in the United States.

I’d love to hear about your favorite view of New York City and where to see it! Let me know in the comments.

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