• Caitlin McAninch

A Visit to the U.S. Wolf Refuge

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I just recently learned that the United States Wolf Refuge is right in my hometown in Northern Nevada. I learned this because I was invited to visit the refuge and be in some photos with the beautiful wolves to help promote awareness of the beautiful creatures. Wolves and photos? I was most definitely in!

Just north of Reno, NV on the drive out to Pyramid Lake is a secluded area called Palomino Valley. If you drive along the dirt roads through the valley, you’ll find the United States Wolf Refuge.

History and Founding of U.S. Wolf Refuge

Bill Chamberlain founded the U.S. Wolf Refuge in 1984. When he founded the organization, there was little information about the controversy of owning wolves as pets in the U.S. Through their messages, the group was able to spread awareness about why wolves should not be kept in homes or bred with dogs.

The group gained non-profit status in 1992, and due to population growth near their sanctuary in Arizona, they searched for a new home for the Refuge and the wolves. And that’s what brought them to beautiful Northern Nevada.

The US Wolf Refuge Today

Today the Refuge is home to 16 beautiful wolves. Some are full breed, and others are mix between wolf and huskies. But all are just beautiful.

The U.S. Wolf Refuge’s ultimate goal is to promote and protect the welfare of all the wolves and wolf dogs in North America, and return the animals to their rightful place within the environment.

How to Get Involved

The Wolf Refuge holds events around Northern Nevada and sometimes even brings the wolves! So always keep an eye out on their Facebook to see when they’re having those. But you can always visit the donations page. To visit the Refuge, contact them on their website!

Photos from this day were taken by the very talented photographer, Sierra Shay, see more of her work here.

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