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Costa Rica: Baldi Hot Springs Resort Hotel and Spa Review

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Our first hotel in Costa Rica was a honeymoon dream. Complete paradise. Baldi Hot Springs Resort Hotel and Spa is a gorgeous hotel perfect for any couple.

First off, it’s small. With only 32 rooms, it’s never that busy in the hotel. Lucky for us, we visited during the slow season, so we only saw a handful of other visitors at the hotel. The hotel grounds are at the base of the Arenal volcano, providing a beautiful view from the grounds.

We were only at Baldi for 5 nights, but we could have spent the entire two weeks there. Continue on to get some more info on our room, the grounds, and some of the perks we got for staying at the resort!

Baldi Hot Springs Junior Suite

Before we booked our trip we made the decision to splurge and get a suite at our first hotel. Honestly, one of the best decisions we made. Our hotel room was FABULOUS. We’re pretty sure it was bigger than our apartment.

I took so much video footage of the room, and I hate myself for not taking more pictures of the room, but trust me, it was great. Big bathtub, shower with a rain faucet, private toilet area with super awesome perk – a toilet that flushes toilet paper! The room also came with a huge balcony we loved spending time on. And the bed was insanely comfy.

We were also surprised on our first night with wonderful chocolates as a honeymoon present, so kind!

Here’s just a few shots I have of the room we stayed in!

Baldi Hot Springs Volcano View

Our room was actually at the very top of the grounds. I would guess it’s probably a 10th of a mile walk. It wasn’t that bad of a walk, but there were bellmen that would drive us in a golf cart.

But when we did chose to walk, this was the view we got! The volcano was just a giant over the hotel. Completely gorgeous!

Baldi Hot Springs Breakfast

Our hotel stay did include breakfast every morning. My favorite was the Desyuno Tipicio or Typical breakfast, which included gallos pinto, eggs, plantains, cheese, and some sort of cream and a side of fresh fruit. Dylan stuck with the Americano most days, but he did get a beautiful parfait one morning!

Baldi Hot Springs – the Pools

Total, Baldi has 25 thermal pools. We LOVED them. They ranged from “so hot I can’t get in” to “comfortable” and even cold pools to cool off in. By far, my favorite was the natural sauna that was a cave filled with steam from the hot water.

The pools are open from 6am – 10pm, with one pool being open all night long. We loved getting into the pools at night.

According to Baldi the pools are:

“Geothermally heated mineral water initially fed by rainwater that seeps into the Earth through faults and fractures. As it travels into the Earth, it becomes subject to increased energy from natural geothermal heat, and is exposed to gases and an often wide variety of minerals from rock and mineral deposits. The water first adsorbs the minerals via leaching, is then heated by the geothermal heat source, and finally returns to the Earth’s surface. This is the definition of Filtration Hot Springs, the most popular type of hot springs in Costa Rica.” (taken from Baldi website)

Here are a handful of photos of the different pools, us in the pools, and even the pools at night!

Baldi Hot Springs Spa

So up until this trip, Dylan had never had a massage before. So obviously we had to book one while we were at a Spa Resort. We booked a couples’ massage and it was really nice. Like, super wonderful nice.

The massage rooms are open next to a hot waterfall, and all the nature sounds were really relaxing. And really, their masseuses were just very good! We both really loved our treatments.

I truly can’t say enough about how much we loved this place. If we ever get the chance, we would definitely head back to this wonderful hotel!

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