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Bar Hopping in Cabo San Lucas

In a post all about Cabo San Lucas I wrote that a perfect descriptive word for Cabo is “booze” and I wasn’t lying! While we were in Cabo we went to a number of really cool bars.

We had one true bar hopping day when we went from bar to bar all around the main downtown-ish area of Cabo. We took advantage of the cheap drinks and just enjoyed the fact that we were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!!

Here’s a list of the bars we went to, in order.

Señor Frog's

Our first stop was a bar right on the water called Señor Frog's. We showed up right during a trivia game where we had to call out the name of movies based on the theme songs!! The entire bar was having so much fun shouting out names of songs!

After the game, the wait staff started a Congo line! The staff was pouring shots into our mouths while we danced all around the bar! It truly was so much fun!

Cabo Wabo

Our next stop was Cabo Wabo! I mean, you don’t go to Cabo without going to the real Cabo Wabo. But the issue was the entire place was packed! They told us it would be at least 45 minutes for a table or spot at the bar. It was also too early for the live music to begin so we decided to just look around and then head out.

Luckily for us, the moment you head down the stairs from Cabo Wabo there is a small restaurant and bar in the Plaza de los Mariachis. Dylan and I were buying three beers for $5. Insane deal!

Then! At a separate little bar our friend ordered a Rainbow Shot. See the main picture at the top of this post! But basically the bartender mixed all this alcohol and then poured it into a row of shot glasses, but each shot was a different color! It was seriously so cool. And the shots tasted great!

Boulevard Paseo de la Marina and Bouldevard Lazaro Cardenas

These are actually street names, not bars. But Cabo Wabo is on Boulevard Paseo de la Marina, but as you walk down this street, there are tons of stores and other bars. One really fun stop is La Vaquita, a strange place that has cow décor.

Boulevard Paseo de la Marina runs straight into Bouldevard Lazaro Cardenas. And if you take a right on Bouldevard Lazaro Cardenas you will hit two fun bars, including the well-known El Squid Roe.

El Squid Roe

El Squid Roe has become one of my most favorite bars in the world. The first time I went there I was 18 years old and went with my two best friends during our high school graduation trip. It was our first real bar (since you can’t drink until 21 in the states). And I’ll never forget how busy it was each night and all the Black Eyed Peas they played!

This time around, we went in and it was pretty slow, but probably because it was the middle of the day. We sat in a booth right smack dab in the middle and had the attention of the entire staff. We ordered a few bucket of beers, which was 6 beers for $10! Maybe because we were the only ones there, or maybe because we spent so much money, but the main waiter told us all it was time for body shots!

Ha! So we decided the girls would do body shots off the boys. In the 5 years Dylan and I have been together, we have never done this before. I was happy to get photos of the event, but I couldn’t help giggle about how funny we looked!! Another funny thing was the entire time we were on top of the bar “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears was blaring in the background.

Boat Bar!

We went on a snorkeling cruise that also happened to be a booze cruise. We started by snorkeling, but the moment we were back on the boat the drinks were flowing! The tour guides were passing out drinks by the double. As in, when we ordered a drink he would bring out two! Double fisting it! But that had to be one of my favorite bars on the trip. I highly recommend a boose cruise excursion while in Cabo!

Good times, good times! Our time in Cabo was so much fun and when we added drinks into the mix it was definitely a good time!!

Have you been to the Cabo bar scene?! What were some of your favorite stops?

Cabo San Lucas

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