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Costa Rica: Villas Del Caribe Review

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Our second to last hotel in Costa Rica was the beachfront property Villas Del Caribe in Puerto Viejo. I could have easily lived in this place. It was spacious, the grounds were beautiful, and it was nestled right on the Caribbean Sea.

Our hotel room was amazing, like I said the grounds was perfect, there was even an amazing restaurant at the hotel, and to top it all off, there were animals everywhere!

Villas Del Caribe Hotel Room

Our room was massive! The villa included a seating area, king size bed, kitchen and seating table, and a bathroom. The porch was huge too, with steps down to a pathway that took us straight to the water.

Look at the gecko on the wall!

Our bathroom was super different, with a plant area and bench. We loved the roomy shower. But sadly, this was a classic Costa Rican bathroom where we could not flush toilet paper.

Villas Del Caribe Beach and Property

Like I said, this hotel is right on the Caribbean, and apparently it’s one of the few in the area that is actually beachfront.

We woke up one morning early, at like, 4:30am. The howler monkeys were screaming at each other and we couldn’t fall back asleep. So we headed to the beach to watch the sunrise. Turns out, our beach was facing more North than anything, so there wasn’t much of a sun to see! But this beach was still beautiful in the morning.

If we weren’t at the beach, we were over at the pool. I don’t have pictures of it, but it was fabulous. Big waterfall, cold and refreshing. And we could relax in the pool and watch the monkeys.

Like I said. Beautiful hotel property.

Villas Del Caribe Restaurant

Like all hotels we stayed at in Costa Rica, there was a restaurant on property that provided us with breakfast everyday. Daily we had breakfast with this view:

It was stunning. View of the beach and fresh sea breeze cruising through the restaurant – just amazing. Their pancakes were really good. Like, best I’ve ever had in my life:

One day we did have lunch here. Dylan got a burger and I got this chicken coconut dish. Mmm. Just remembering it now, so fresh and delicious.

Villas Del Caribe Wildlife

So right after we checked into our hotel, I heard this little family of howler monkeys. They lived right across the parking lot, like 10 feet away from our door! Just look at them!

And then there were all the howler monkeys we heard every morning. There was a family outside of our balcony. And we saw a family by the pool a few times.

But the highlight moment of our stay at this hotel was when we were sitting at breakfast on the second to last day. We were eating and Dylan yelled, “Babe, look!” And there it was!

I don’t know if it was a male or female (we’ll call it a he), but he is a three-toed sloth. And he was right in front of the restaurant. And we watched him for 30 minutes. He climbed down one tree, crawled way far, and climbed up another tree. But he was so interesting to watch. I was obsessed.

From what I understand, this sighting was a once in a lifetime experience for a tourist. So, I am so thankful to Villas Del Caribe for being an amazing place for wildlife to love!

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