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Date Night at Le Cellier Steakhouse

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

We’re not budget travelers, because, well, Dylan rather do things nicely. But, we definitely are not luxury travelers. I guess if there was a word for it, we are middle class travelers. I laugh as I write that. But really, we don’t do 1 star, and we don’t do 5 star.

But, no matter where we go, where we stay, or what we end up doing, we always have one nice date night. Sometimes we dress up for it. But more often than not, date night for us means finding a good steak.

Researching a Good Date Spot at Disney World

When we were looking for the perfect date spot at Disney World, we literally sat up on the Disney World website, with a tab open for every sit down restaurant at the parks. I went through all the menus trying to find the ideal place for us.

Obviously, because I have a high obsession with the movie – have I mentioned my second word in life was “beast”? – the Be Our Guest restaurant was high on my list. But, I just couldn’t have us go there. I don’t think there’s a single thing on that menu that my picky man would eat!

Next I got drawn to a lot of the nice resort restaurants, most of the blogs I was reading pointed in that direction. But personally, I didn’t want to leave the parks. I go for the parks. So I didn’t want to wander off into the resort properties.

But when it came down to it, the steakhouse that seemed the best for us was in Canada!

Going on a Date in Epcot

So our hot spot was the Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion in Epcot. We booked our reservation for 7:30pm on Monday during our trip. At this point, I still had not been to Epcot yet. So going there for the first time, plus our date, was all very magical for me.

We got in and I immediately just fell in love with the flowers. Well, duh, I mean the Flower and Garden Festival was happening. There’s plants and blooms all over the place, just look at these cool butterflies on the ground!

We had some time to kill, though. So we wandered around. Dylan had us go try the different Coke flavors, ew to Beverly flavor – gross. We sort of walked around the Pavilions close to Canada. And we even ran around the maze in the UK.

Eating at Le Cellier Steakhouse

So it was actually pretty busy. It was more adults than family, but I wouldn’t call the place intimate. Of course in the back of my mind I was comparing it to my favorite Disney date spot, the Blue Bayou.

I was expecting it to be really nice since it is one of the more pricey spots at Disney World, but I was pretty disappointed by their paper menus. But here were the menus:

The meal came with bread, as most do. The bread was great, but the butter, even better! Their butter is mixed with maple, brown sugar, and has sea salt on top, It makes the bread sweet!

We were boring, we both got the Le Cellier Filet Mignon. The truffle butter sauce was to die for. I basically was soaking my steak in the stuff. Luckily the steak was plenty large, because we didn't order any side dishes. Honestly, they just seemed too over priced.

So good. And of course we had to get dessert. Yes to the Maple Crème Brulee. Delicious.

Here are a few pictures of the restaurant. We learned from our waitress that it's actually the smallest dining space in all of Disney World! IIt was hard to take pictures because it was a full place, didn't want to be snapping shots of strangers eating, but it was also really dark! But you can kind of see the ambiance. And can you see the little Maple Leaf on the wine glass?

After Dinner

After we were finished, we wandered around for a few more minutes. Epcot at night is just beautiful.

We were going to be adults and get an Uber home. But, Dylan’s sweet dad insisted on picking us up!

In all honesty, Dylan and I are a really simple couple. Our once a week date is to the movies. And we eat more fast food than anything else – helloooo Taco Bell! So having a quiet meal just the two of us is perfect to me. If you like steak like we do, I definitely recommend trying out Le Cellier Steakhouse. It was the perfect night for the two of us!

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