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Disneyland vs. Disney World: My Opinions & Thoughts

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

How do you compare two things that are so different? My first thought is just state the obvious. I mean, I could write this blog post as a what are the major differences, but that’s probably been done a million times and would be a boring post. Plus, I sort of did that here.

So I think instead I’m going to break down what I personally like and what I do not like about each when I compare it to the other…

Okay. So. Let’s sit and listen to my opinions, starting now.

What I like better at Disneyland

The Feeling.

When I walk down Main Street at Disneyland, I get giddy. I tear up. I feel at home. I did not get that feeling at all at Disney World. There wasn’t that nostalgia for me. And really, I cannot figure out why. I guess because at the end of the day, Disney World is not Disneyland.

The food.

Disneyland has some good ass food. I have so many favorite places I love to go at Disneyland. Mmmm. I dream about the fried chicken at the Plaza Inn (see below). Finding good food at Disney World was hard. We didn’t have the issue at Epcot, but everywhere else we had subpar lunches. And we ate outside of the park almost everyday for dinner. I would never do that at Disneyland.

The lines.

Disneyland’s lines are shorter. Maybe it’s because there are less people. But, lines are way better at Disneyland.

Fastpass system.

The Fastpass system at Disney World is just wonky. It’s stupid. It’s impossible to get them. And I hated it. Disneyland, we own the Fastpass system. There isn’t a moment where we don’t have at least one. If Disneyland changes the system to match Disney World’s, I have no clue what we will do.

Proximity of Parks.

To leave Disneyland and walk to Disney’s California Adventure, it takes approximately 3 minutes. And that’s if there’s a line. To move from one park to another at Disney World, it takes a boat, a bus, a monorail, and at least 30 minutes. It wastes time. And it’s a pain in the ass!

What I like better at Disney World

The number of thrill rides.

Just off the top of my head, Seven Dwarves Mine Carts, Rockin Rollercoaster, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, PLUS all the good ones we have at Disneyland like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain. It really felt like they had more “big kid” rides. And we are all about that.

Pin trading.

Sadly, I have to say I think pin trading at Disney World is better! But I think it’s because so many more cast members have pins to trade! It wasn’t hard for me to find the pins I wanted. And they had so many to choose from when it came to buying pins!

Animal Kingdom.

Ahhh. If you read my post about Animal Kingdom, then you know. I’m obsessed. Animal Kingdom had my heart. I would happily go there everyday if it was in Reno. But alas, it is all the way in Florida. And I don’t see Disneyland replicating it anytime soon. And you know what, I went before Pandora even opened! Just imagine how awesome it is now!

Dylan’s Thoughts about Disneyland vs. Disney World

To make it fair, I asked Dylan what he liked about Disneyland, or what he liked about Disney World more. Getting him to give an opinion is incredibly hard. But here was his answer, verbatim:

“The difference how Disney World has rides separated into four parks, I guess, I don’t know. You can’t just go to Disney World and have everything there. You have to pick up everything and make a day of it. And travel. And that wasn’t, I don’t know, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t fun. So that was a thing.

‘And, the Fastpass thing.

‘I don’t know, I kind of like Disney World’s Downtown Disney a lot better, even though it wasn’t connected. It was a bigger Downtown Disney, had more.

‘People. Seems like there was a ton more people at Disney World compared to Disneyland. Everything is more wide open for more people, even though they have less things to do at each park.”

He and I have similar opinions, and he’s just so funny.

In conclusion…

Disneyland and Disney World are different. They really are. I like them each for their own reasons. But let’s be honest here. I’m a Disneyland girl, tried and true.

Now I’ll open up the polls. Do you like Disneyland or Disney World better? What do you like about each?! Where would you go live if you could?! Share your thoughts in the comments!

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