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Dog Friendly Hotel in Reno: Reno Renaissance

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

The hardest part about loving to travel is how much I hate leaving my dog behind. We got Bruce, our English bulldog, in 2014, and every trip that Bruce can’t come on just has something missing. Bruce tends to get left behind at my in-laws house and I’m definitely the crazy dog lady that demands photos of Bruce daily.

We are fortunate enough to have traveled with Bruce quite a bit over the years, we’re basically pros. So we were really excited when we were approached with the opportunity to go check out the Reno Renaissance and see their dog friendly hotel.

The Reno Renaissance opened back in 2017 and is by far one of the nicest hotels in Downtown Reno, and isn’t actually a casino. The hotel was once The Holiday Hotel that opened in 1956. The original owner had visions for it not to be a casino, but a hub for those interested in seeing the outdoors around Reno. Sort of strange, but the hotel actually had land out past Dayton, Nevada that they would take guests to so they could go hunting!

Today, the hotel staff isn’t taking anyone hunting, but they’re still extremely accommodating. The hotel is full of so many activities it’s perfect for families or solo travelers, and of course, anyone with a pup! They’re actually so dog friendly that they’ve turned dog tags into art! This wall was a spot where you can print a dog tag and hang it up! Of course we printed out Bruce’s name!

Read on to learn a bit more about the hotel and how we travel with Bruce.

Tips for Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog

For as high maintenance as Bruce is, he’s actually super easy to travel with. He’s good in the car, will sleep anywhere, and isn’t nervous around other people or dogs.

There are a few things we always take with us whenever we leave home with Bruce:

  • Dog food (duh)

  • Food bowl + water bowl

  • Waste bags

  • A few toys

  • Dog treats

  • Paper towels

  • Benadryl

The first should be a given, I mean no place will ever have dog food, and it’s not wise to change dog foods casually. Some hotels provide bowls, but just in case you should always take your own, and it’s the same with dog waste bags. We always bring a few toys so Bruce doesn’t get bored if he stays in the room by himself. We take treats just because Bruce is spoiled. (ha!) Paper towels are great in case there’s an accident, rare, but it happens. And lastly, we take Benadryl because Bruce has allergies, and if he breaks out in hives, Benadryl will help relieve his discomfort.

My advice is, you know your pet, just make sure you have everything you would need to ensure they’re happy on the trip!

Reno Renaissance Hotel Rooms

Diving right into our staycation at the hotel, we were SO impressed with the hotel rooms at the Reno Renaissance. They had the room set up for our dog, just look at how cute this is:

I’m always all about a good bathroom, and theirs is huge! Big bathtub and big shower, perfect for me! Bruce spent a majority of his time on the cold tile, just living his best life on vacation!

The views of the Truckee River are just awesome. Even Bruce enjoyed the views, which no lie, he kept going to stare out the window, which was just the cutest thing!

We loved the room, and Bruce did, too. It’s always such a relief when Bruce can settle down and feel right at home when we travel. If he can sleep, we are solid!

The Shore and Bundox Bocce

It was easy to spend more time out of our room at The Renaissance. Their two main areas of the hotel are The Shore, a bar and restaurant, and Bundox Bocce, an indoor/outdoor bocce place with a bar and other games.

The Shore has a great indoor area that we actually had an amazing brunch at – I highly recommend their eggs benedict! But in the evenings it has a great open bar with seating indoors and on the patio. And major perk, they let dogs come! We had a few drinks on the patio before we went and played bocce, and we actually ended up coming back to this bar and hanging out til about midnight! It’s seriously such a cool spot and one of the only patios in Reno that is actually on the Truckee River.

Bundox Bocce is this rad spot that is easily family friendly, but also has a fun older crowd the later in the evening it gets. They have six indoor bocce ball courts, two outdoor courts, shuffleboard, ski ball, a ping-pong table, darts, and corn hole. Tons of games, a great drink and food menu, and to top it all off, dogs are welcome! We played bocce outside with Bruce and had an awesome time. And! Turns out, I’m actually really good at bocce ball!

Overall, we had a blast at the Renaissance. It’s definitely a spot we’ll be hanging out at more. It’s funny because living in Reno we actually spend a lot of time downtown. We had already been to the Renaissance for Dylan’s Christmas Party back in December, and we’d been to Bundox for a happy hour. But now, it’s for sure at the top of our list for a staycation.

Many thanks to Reno Renaissance for having Bruce and I come visit. As always, I stay honest despite who is fronting the bill for this post.

Photos for this post were by my amazing talented friend, Kendall. Check out his site for information on how to book: https://sirberry.com

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