• Caitlin McAninch

Escape Reno Liebster Award

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Since the fall, I really have been focused on my travel blog. I think once I got picked up a few times, I just got more excited about writing and am more into getting to know other bloggers and promoting my own website.

Through different Facebook groups and such, I have continuously seen the words “Liebster Award.” So when blogger Elles from A Green Coconut reached out to me, I was so excited. Elles’ passion for photography and documentation has pushed her to keep a blog about her travels. Read her post here.

This nomination is just a simple, yet great way to get to know other bloggers in the community and have a little fun with a post! So here I go!

1.If you had to choose between parachute jumping or deep sea diving, which one would it be and why?

If I had to choose, I would definitely select deep sea diving because I’ve already been skydiving, and isn’t that the same thing as parachute jumping? I’ve only been snorkeling a handful of times, but each time I love it more and more. Seeing the different animals in the ocean is beyond cool! I would love to learn how and get certified to go deep sea diving.

2. Do you prefer flip-flops or snow boots?

This question is sort of funny. I LOVE the snow. It’s my absolute favorite! And when it snows I have a great excuse to wear my adorable snow boots. But, unless snow is actually falling from the sky, I wear flip-flops all year long Closed toed shoes make my feet swell up!

3. What continent is your favorite and why?

Well, unfortunately I’ve only been to North America. So for now, my favorite continent is North America!

4. Where does your passion for travelling come from?

My passion for travelling comes from the desire to see new places and have new experiences. I do not care if I’m doing something new 10 minutes from home, or 1000 miles away from home. I just enjoy doing new things. Travel brings that to me.

5. What is your best tip for booking things such as a flight and a hotel?

If I can find discount hotels and flights, I book them, obviously. But I don’t travel enough in planes to know the best of how to do that.

6. What kind of traveller are you: The adventurous camping backpacker one or the more luxurious hotel city hopper kind.

Both! Nothing is better than staying in a 5 star hotel with a beautiful bathtub and comfortable bed. Oh I love it!

I also love camping. We are big campers, and with Lake Tahoe as my backyard, I love taking advantage of the beautiful place I live in.

7. What is your best packing tip?

Don’t over pack! My biggest problem is I always take too much crap! Take only the necessities and always leave room for things you buy while traveling!

8. What is your travel motto/ quote?

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville

9. Who is your favorite travel blogger or vlogger or Instagrammer that gives you that inspiration boost?

Alex in Wanderland! Her account is very inspirational. She’s a successful writer, her blog is crafty, and she’s been to so many amazing places. And her Instagram account is adorable.

10. What is your most treasured travel memory?

Dylan proposed the day before we left for our cruise to Mexico. The day we were in Puerto Rico was just perfect. We had the absolute best day riding horses, snorkeling and discovering hidden treasures in the jungle. The whole time I just kept thinking I get to spend the rest of my life with this guy. That made our day even better.

Thank you for reading my answers, if you did! Ha! Here are the next set of bloggers I nominate for the Liebster Award:

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My questions for my list of travelers are:

1. Where’s your favorite spot in the USA?

2. What’s the best food you’ve eaten while traveling? 3. What souvenir do you collect from your travels?

4. Tell me about your most adventurous excursion while traveling.

5. What made you want to write about traveling?

6. Snow or sand?

7. What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?

8. Where’s the one place you’ve visited that you’d love to go back to?

9. How do you feel about solo travel?

10. How has traveling changed your life?