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Escape to Cars Land

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

The first time I went into Cars Land was back in 2013. I remember being so shocked at how realistic it all was. My cousin was like 5, so Cars was a movie we watched all of the time! I knew how it was supposed to look, and Disney nailed it! It was just like being put into the movie. They did such an incredible job at making it just like the film’s town, Radiator Springs, you feel like you’re there.

I’ve thought about writing up a post about the incredible place a few times, but I’ve held off. But, thought now would be a good time.

So without further ado, let’s chat about Cars Land’s history, the rides and attractions, and the fun parts!

Cars Land History

Where Cars Land stands today was the "Timon" parking lot since 2001. The section of the parking lot had been designated as future growth space for Disney California Adventure when it was originally being designed in the 1990s.

Concept art for "Carland" appeared in the Walt Disney Company's 2006 Annual Report, just six months after Cars was released in theaters. And a year later Disney announced a 5-year, $1.1 billion renovation and expansion plan for Disney California Adventure. The plan included a major overhaul of several existing areas of the park (anyone remember how horrible it was when main street of California Adventure park was blocked off for all that time?!) and the addition of Cars Land. Cars Land opened on June 15, 2012.

Cars Land Rides and Attractions

On any given day at California Adventure, the longest line will be found in Cars Land, but that ride is definitely worth it. Here are the big attractions in this area of the park:

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

This fun little ride used to be something different. But, now it’s this cute little ride where you sit in a car, and it dances around! It’s supposed to represent Luigi’s family coming to party at the park and do traditional Italian dances! I think it’s adorable. And the line moves quickly.

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Although I have never actually ridden on this ride, I know it’s based off of Mater’s favorite activity, “tractor tippin’.” According to the attraction description, “Hop aboard one of 22 unique tractor-trailers and hold on tight as they whip and whirl in “figure eight” movements around the scrapheap dancefloor.” I’ve always thought of it as a child’s ride, and yeah, I can’t wait to take my future children on this one!

Radiator Springs Racers

The star of Cars Land is the insanely fun ride, Radiator Springs Racers. Modeled after Epcot’s Test Track, this ride gives you a tour of the town, the desert surrounding Radiator Springs and gears you up for a race against another Car! On any given day, the ride will have at least a 90-minute wait, and fast passes go quick. But it’s seriously so fun. We love riding through the dark ride and going super fast during the race. We’re arms up kind of people…

Characters at Cars Land

The characters that we’ve seen from the movie at the park are:

  • Lightning McQueen

  • Mater

  • Red (shown in the image)

  • Cruz Ramirez

  • DJ

Cars Land Décor and Beauty

Cars Land is so beautiful. It’s all about the details. And really, if you’ve seen any of the three movies, these images make sense:

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