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Escape to Disney World

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

For as long as I can remember, I have been overly obsessed with Disneyland. There’s something about walking down Main Street that just makes me happy. Whenever we visit, we’re always there in the morning for the rope drop, and every time, I cry when the announcer comes on the loudspeaker: “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, good morning and WELCOME TO DISNEYLAND.”

Disneyland was always Walt Disney’s park. But Disney World, Disney World was Walt Disney’s Dream.

And because of that, I’ve always wanted to explore the other park. And this year I finally got to.

Disney World is much larger than Disneyland. The amount of land Disney owns in Florida will allow them to expand for years. Which means I’ll definitely have to go back one day to see how that park changes over time. But for now, Disney World includes a shopping district, four theme parks, and two water parks. This post is just going to be a quick little summary of the areas I visited. So continue on to learn more about Disney World!

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the beautiful shopping district at Disney World. With tons of restaurants and shops, you could spend days here exploring. But, I didn’t want to waste any park time so we immediately went to Disney Springs after we arrived to Florida.

There is still so much Disney ambiance in Disney Springs. Hidden Mickeys, pin trading, and of course, lots of Disney Gear. I grabbed a few shirts for the trip and we were able to purchase limited edition Magic Bands at one of the shops.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is Disney World’s Disneyland park. It has the same similar layout with Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland, with the addition of Liberty Square. We spent a majority of our time at Magic Kingdom, because there were more rides at Magic Kingdom than the other three parks.

Mainly, I fell in love with the castle at this park. It’s so photogenic and just so damn big! It definitely beats the little castle at Disney World.

Animal Kingdom

I’m going to say it now; Disney's Animal Kingdom was my absolute favorite park! Disney does a zoo really, really well. All the enclosures were beautiful, and the animals seemed genuinely happy. Animal Kingdom is actually the largest theme park in the world, covering 580 acres. The safari ride is bigger than all of Disneyland, crazy, right?! Before I type up too much about this one, I’ll just stop here. Be sure to read my blog post about Animal Kingdom to really learn about how amazing it is.


Disney's Epcot is a seriously cool park. Epcot, or the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney, he had some serious crazy ideas for the park that unfortunately were never carried out after his death.

Now the park is separated into two main areas: Future World and the World Showcase. We dedicated an entire day to exploring the World Showcase and eating all the international treats, total blast!

Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios was the third park to open up at Disney World. It reminds me a lot of California Adventure Park, but only the Hollywood area. Currently a large section of the park is under construction because they’re adding two new lands.

For not having too much to offer, Hollywood Studios actually has some of the best rides of all of Disney World. Find out more in my Hollywood Studios post.


I’ve been continually asked where I stayed on this trip. Unfortunately we did not stay at a Disney Resort for this trip. But we did stay about 10 minutes away at the Grand Beach Diamond Resort. Our hotel was just gorgeous. Water and apparently alligators surrounded the hotel, although I didn’t see any reptiles anywhere!

There’s so many things I wanted to discuss when it comes to my Disney World trip that it really can’t fit all into one blog post, so be sure to follow up over the next few weeks to read all about my vacation!

Disney World Distance: 2,760 miles

Driving Time: 1 day, 16 hours

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