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Escape to Nevada City

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Hidden in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and less than two hours west of Reno is cute Nevada City, California. I was lacking in content for Instagram so my mom and I decided to take an afternoon and head to Nevada City to take photos.

We took so many great photos since it was a content day, so I thought I would just share some info about this cute town and it’s historic district and info about the winery we went to!

What is a content day?

First things first. You might be wondering what a content day is. If you know me on a personal level, you know I spend a lot of time and effort into growing my Instagram account. I’ve gained a number of partnerships through the platform and I pride myself in having a pretty good account!

A content day is when I spend one day taking a million photos to build up a portfolio for my Instagram. Not all my photos are instant, but instead, my account is carefully planned and laid out in a specific way. We spent this day taking lots of pictures for me to use on Instagram, but it just so happens it’s good content for a blog post, too!

Historic Downtown Nevada City

Nevada City, California was first settled back in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. In 1851, it was named the most important mining town in the state! Today you don’t see anyone mining for gold, but there are tons of cute shops and restaurants in the Downtown Historic District.

The Nevada City Downtown Historic District covers the downtown section right off the highway, and once parked, you can walk the whole area very easily. A few of the buildings in the area have received California Historical Landmark status. And they’re truly just adorable. I mean, check out this church!

In doing my research I found that in 1900, 3,250 people lived in Nevada City and at the 2010 census population was down to 3,068. It hasn’t grown much! It’s a quiet small place, but gosh it’s cute!

And beyond cool, the area is completely smoke free. That means you don't get whiffs of cigarette smoke from anywhere.

Could definitely appreciate that!

And then yes, there was an outfit change...

Double Oak Winery in Nevada City

For photos, I really wanted to find a winery to take photos at. Sadly, Nevada City isn’t quite near Napa. The downtown area has a number of tasting rooms, and we did visit one where we learned of local winery, Double Oak.

We drove north on the 49 to try to find it. And you know what… we got lost. Due to bad service and me trying to be a google map, we totally got lost. Went down some quiet neighborhood road, and ended up lost in the woods, where we found an older gentleman who gave us directions, and kept us for about 15 minutes telling us how people hadn’t gotten lost in that area for at least a decade. We think we were the first people he had seen in a few years… ha!

But, we did find the winery. And it was just beautiful. A winery in the mountains, amazing.

Double Oak Vineyards and Winery is ran by the owner, Bob Hilsman, and his wife. They grow all the grapes right on the land we visited. The first of the nine acres of vineyards were planted in 1982. We learned that they work to create wines with as little manipulation as possible, allowing the mountain flavors to take center stage. Total, we sampled 8 different wines. I loved the white and had to bring a bottle home. And I mean, you can tell they're great, look at all those award ribbons on the wall!

After our sampling and some buying of bottles, we wandered around the vineyard taking pictures of the last remaining grapes, the fields, and of course, me in my pretty dress.

Some of the plants around the estate were beautiful. Fresh lavender, gorgeous wisteria vines, and even really cool manzanita!

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Nevada City, CA

Distance: 82 miles

Driving Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

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