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Escape to New York City 2018

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

The last time I was in New York City I wasn’t in love. It was an odd weekend, sort of lonely. I went cheap and stayed in a hostel. I was overwhelmed, and really I just didn’t want to be exploring the city by myself.

That’s why I was overly excited to be visiting again, but instead of a solo trip, this time I’d be going with my mom.

What originally was a quick weekend getaway with the ladies in my life — my mom and my two aunts — oddly turned into a week in the big city. We seriously got through so much in such a short amount of time. Check out my full breakdown of six days in New York City:

Day 1

My mom and I arrived in NYC at about 8 am. Did you know Reno has a direct flight? After dropping our bags off, we headed out into the concrete jungle! We grabbed coffees and wandered through Central Park. Shortly after we did, my aunt Sheri landed and we found ourself an Irish pub to grab beer and food! Cause whewwwie did the humidity and heat get to us.

After our meal we headed to our hotel to change and meet up with my other aunt, Stacy who came in from Washington DC. We grabbed dinner at a cute little Italian place, and then headed to see the Book of Mormon. Who knew broadway could be so funny! I was crying laughter tears within minutes!

And of course after drinks and a show, we had to eat again! So we stopped at this Cuban bar playing live music.

Thursday I was awake from 6am-1am. I was exhausted, but day one was perfect.

Walking Distance: 7.31 miles

Day 2

Never have I been so angry to sleep in. I know it’s because I took the Wednesday night red eye into NYC, but man was I pissed that I woke up at 9:30am!!!

After jumping up and quickly getting ready, I met up with the other ladies and we went and did a Double Decker hop on/off tour. We rode around until we got off in Chinatown. I wanted good Chinese food! We then just mozied through Chinatown and Little Italy, until we found ourselves on the bus again. We rode through downtown to the very bottom of NYC.

We went to relax in the room for a bit, but then found ourselves another Italian place called Becco. We had unlimited pasta, which was insanely good!

We then did the super touristy night visit to Times Square! We even found a bar right on Times Square where we could sit and watch the lights!

As we left the bar it was raining. Who knew hot days on the east coast could lead to clouds and rain. Sounds a lot like Reno, huh?

Walking Distance: 7.8 miles

Day 3

No sleeping in on day 3 in NYC!!!

I was out the door by 7 am! My mom, Sheri and I headed 20 blocks to High Line Park. It is seriously so cool and beautiful. It was probably one of my favorite places we visited during the trip. The picture above shows what it is, sort of. It's a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail. It was created on a former New York Central Railroad.

We then walked through Chelsea Market. Not as neat as I thought. It was basically a shopping mall.

Saturday was also our day to tour the MOMA, turns out Sheri and I aren’t ones to appreciate the art. We ended up finding a bar that overlooked the sculpture garden and sipped on wine and people watched.

Next was time to exercise! Not really, but it was quite the work out. After the museum we rode the entire Central Park bike path, going 6.1 miles around! There’s really only two major hills, so it’s not that hard, but that humidity... damn was I hot!

Saturday night was extremely cool because I got to meet up with a girl I met through Instagram. If you’re not already, go follow NYC local @mydarlingpassport. This awesome girl — also Caitlin — took me to Gallow Green, an awesome rooftop bar.

Then I just went back to the room, grabbed a panini from a late night deli, and went to bed!

Walking Distance: 15.69 miles << Can you believe it?! Killed it this day.

Day 4

LAST DAY IN NYC... or so I thought.

We arrived to Brooklyn by 8am. I wanted photos on Washington Street and in DUMBO. I had heard the area was busy, so I wanted to be sure to get over there early. We walked back to the city via the Brooklyn Bridge.

We then got distracted by the Pride Parade. Almost to the point that we were late grabbing our bags from the hotel!

My mom and I had the most stressful time getting to JFK. Our app told us to get off the train, then back on the train. Like no lie — getting off and exiting the subway station, just to turn around and go back downstairs to the same freaking subway line. As we rode 18+ stops, we knew we would be making it to JFK in no time.

But then, it stopped. They announced it was the last Subway stop. Everyone had to get off. And my mom and I were NOT at the airport.

At this stressful point in time I said "F IT", and I just got us an Uber for the remaining distance to JFK.

We arrived, got through TSA, and even had a minute to grab a bite before boarding. We were safely on a plane at 6:05pm. We made it. Phew!

And to make it even better, the airplane door shut, and no one was in the window seat next to my mom and I, we had three seats to ourselves!!! So we were on our way home. Until they said, it will be a few minutes, the tarmac is backed up.

We were then told that the weather was delaying take offs. Hopefully it was cleared up soon. So we could take off.

An hour passed. A second hour passed. At the third hour they told us they were legally obligated to let us off.

A fourth hour passed before they could get us to a gate.

We got off the plane at 10:30 pm. At 11:00 they said it was fine to take off, but our crew was off for the night. So we just had to find a crew by midnight so we could take off with the pilots that were waiting on the plane.

At midnight they told us they were unable to find a crew and the flight was cancelled.

Luckily my mom called and got us a flight home... on TUESDAY. After calling upwards of 25 hotels that were close to the airport we finally said fuck it — all the cancelled flights had made every hotel near JFK full. At 1 am we headed back to NYC. And finally, at 3am, I fell asleep at Pod 39 hotel.

Walking Distance: 12.8 miles

Day 5

The perk was we had two extra days in NYC. Yes, my mom had to call in and I had to use two extra days of PTO. But truly, there are worse places to be stranded.

There were a number of things we got to squeeze in that we hadn't in the previous four days. We were able to eat the New York Pizza slice that my mom the she wasn’t able to get before. We walked to Washington Park, did some shopping, and had Thai food for dinner.

Easy simple day, we were still exhausted, you know how it is. But still! It was definitely a solid day.

Walking Distance: 10.02 miles

Day 6

On Tuesday we woke up and walked along the East River. Our main thing for this day was just sort of wandering around.

I don’t feel like walking is a thing in Reno, but while we were in New York City, my mom and I can walk for hours. Looking up at every building. We even make sure we take a different street every time just to make sure we are never going the exact same route every time! In New York City every road is different, and we want to see as many as we can.

We found the New York Public Library. Gorgeous, and free to tour. And, lastly before catching the subway to JFK for a second attempt to go home, we went to the Pod 39 rooftop bar to finish off a bottle of wine we had opened. Is it not the cutest, colorful place?

The trip ended with us catching the flight with a number of people from the first flight. We were exhausted, but happy. The extra mess of a time was a fun reminder that life's an adventure. Things can go unplanned, but truly, we couldn't complain. We could have been at work, but instead I got to explore the city with my mom!

Walking Distance: 6.43 miles

New York City

Distance: 2,690 miles

Driving Time: 1 day, 14 hours

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