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Food Diary NYC

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I love a good food journal – especially if it’s not about counting my macros. I love taking pictures of everything I eat when I travel, even if it’s not a great photo. Cause let’s be real, I’m no food photographer.

But I do love posting these types of blogs when I travel. Show off what I ate and where meals are from.

In a few of my past food blog posts, I’ve broken the meals I ate down my breakfast, lunch or dinner. But today I’m going to do it a bit differently. I’m just going to go straight in order. I didn’t take pics of everything I ate, but I did get a majority of them. I did end up taking a lot of photos from my Insta Stories – which I love posting food shots on, so you should probably follow me on there if you aren’t already.

Let’s dive on in!

Ristorante Il Melograno

When my mom and I dropped our stuff off at the hotel, we went and grabbed food at some place we saw had a happy hour. It’s actually the place in the cover photo of this blog post. Couldn’t tell you where it was, but I had lobster mac and cheese and it was delicious.

But! Our first real meal as a group was at Il Melograno, an Italian place a block from our hotel. It was the perfect meal to have right before our Broadway show.

I got this fettuccini dish in a nice butter sauce, and it was bomb af. Here’s some pics of that meal:

Havana Central Times Square

After our Broadway show on the first night we were pretty hungry again. We were in Times Square and saw this random Cuban place so we went in there. I think my aunt said it had good reviews. It was really good! Loud and crazy because there was a live band and dancing, but the food was good. I had arroz con pollo:

Great NY Noodletown

I knew I wanted a great Chinese meal from China Town. I did some research and found that one of the top recommendations was the Great NY Noodletown. I loved it! But I always love food. We had a noodle dish, General’s Chicken and a fried rice dish. All was pretty dang good.


We had a fancy dinner out at Becco, an Italian place on Restaurant Row in NYC. All four of us ordered the Sinfonia Di Paste. Basically it was unlimited pasta of the chef special. The night we were there was Seafood Alfredo, Mushroom Ravioli and a Bolognese pasta. All three were phenomenal. It also came with a vegetable melody appetizer that was pretty interesting, not my favorite, but different and delicious.

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

One morning we went and walked the High Line and we went on the hunt for a New York City Bagel. Google took us to Brooklyn Bagel Company, which had a line out the door so we felt like it was a good idea.

While waiting, I popped into the bathroom and used the last of the toilet paper and couldn’t find anymore. I came out and flagged down an employee – who turned out to be the manager – to tell him that they were out of toilet paper. A few minutes later he gave me a free sample of their rainbow blueberry bagel. So I think it was because I told him about the toilet paper. Karma, right?

Anyways. I got an everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese. So freaking good. It was almost too spicy, but I really liked it.

Some Irish Pub in Chelsea

I had plans to meet an online friend, also named Caitlin, at a bar in Chelsea, but I hadn’t eaten so I popped into this little Irish Pub to grab some Shepard’s pie. Couldn’t tell you what the pub was called, but the food was great and they had outside seating. I’m confident it was on 10th Avenue though.

Gallow Green

Caitlin took me to Gallow Green, a rooftop bar at the Mckittrick Hotel – which actually isn’t a hotel at all, but sort of this event venue. Anyways, we just got drinks, but I got this super fancy purple cocktail that was very delicious. Caitlin got rose. It was seriously cool though. I loveee a good rooftop bar!


On our last day we didn’t have to be at the airport until 6:00 pm, so we found a bar to sit and watch the Pride Parade that was happening. We didn’t eat, but we had some good margaritas! And it was beyond cool to get to watch the parade from inside!

Also this story... I was SO wrong.


After the whole not-getting-to-fly-home-due-to-JetBlue-being-awful incident, we had more meals to eat. We never actually got to eat classic New York Pizza, so my mom and I found this spot near our Pod 39 Hotel. It was seriously so good. Just this past weekend (MONTHS later) my mom texted me saying she was craving New York Pizza. And you know what? I’m still craving it too!

Lan Larb

On our reallast day I was realllllly craving Thai food. So we found a Thai spot right near our hotel. We shared the appetizer sampler and a noodle dish. Both were super great, and really filled us up!


The entire time we were in New York my mom had us going to all these cute boutique coffee shops. Which yeahhh, they were good. But I just wanted some Starbucks. I like my overly sweetened calorie filled Vanilla Latte from there. But we got there and they had some drink my mom had never seen on a Reno menu, the Nitro Brew. Turns out my mom loved it so much she regretted not going to Starbucks more often! Funny lady!

Also, I'm not 100% sure where this matcha latte is from, but I found it in my photos and thought it was pretty!

The Junction

Our very last meal was lunch at this little bar near Grand Central called The Junction. I was happy to get Shepard’s Pie one last time. My mom got tacos.

One of the best part of any trip is getting to eat at different places. I’m sure we’re all guilty of going to the same old places when we eat out at home (eat out in our hometown – you know what I mean), so it’s really fun to just differ from the norm!

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