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Food Truck Friday in Reno, NV

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

A staple Reno summer event is Food Truck Friday at Idewild Park. Every Friday food trucks from Northern Nevada all head to the park and line up on the street to serve everyone dinner. And for most, it’s a great way to spend the evening outside with friends and family.

Because Reno’s food scene is only slowly up and coming – it’s for sure gotten better in the last 5 years, but still not the best – it was a big surprise when Food Truck Friday came around back in 2012.

Today, Food Truck Friday lasts from late May through the end of September. With 30+ local vendors coming to the event weekly, it’s definitely something you can consistently go to but change things up a bit.

Food Truck Friday Photo Shoot

This year I knew I wanted to take some pictures at Food Truck Friday just because a) thought it would be adorbs for the ‘gram; and b) definitely wanted to promote the event here on the blog.

Lucky for me, my two favorite blogger babes Abbey and Ashley felt the same. So we headed down to the event with our photographer friend, Kendall, to shoot some photos.

Here are some of the good ones:

How to enjoy Food Truck Friday

If you’re ready to spend your Friday out eating from the trucks here’s what you gotta do:

  • Pack some chairs and/or blankets

  • Head to the event, and try to get there before 6pm if you want close parking. Reno High School is also an easy parking option and you can walk (takes about 10 minutes if you’re slow)

  • Don’t forget your ID if you want a beer!

  • Find a spot in the grass to lay out your stuff

  • Walk the entire road of trucks to find the best food for you

  • Buy dinner

  • Go enjoy in the grass

  • Relax and enjoy the sunshine!

We really love Food Truck Friday, even Dylan enjoys going, and that’s saying something!

My Favorite Food Truck in Reno

I always go to the same food truck whenever I go, Fuego Habanero, simply because they are the best, but also because they catered our wedding. If you like Carne Asada fries, they’re the place for you. Or tacos. Their tacos are the best, too.

Even if you aren’t going to Food Truck Friday and you sadly missed my wedding, you can still catch Fuego Habanero up in Cold Springs. Find out where they’re posted up here on their Facebook.

Too crowded for you? Reno also has Feed the Camel on Wednesdays, which is a smaller selection of food trucks, but it’s at the McKinley Arts and Culture Center in the Riverwalk District. Basically a minute from Idewild.

There are a number of fun things to do in Reno in the summer, but this is definitely one of the great ones! Hope to see you there! Cheers!

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