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Inside San Francisco’s Color Factory

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

It’s not news that Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. Last major reports in June estimated that the app sees 700 million active users per month. And yeah, I’m definitely one of them. I spend hours a day on Instagram – liking and commenting on photos, stalking locations I want to visit, and planning content for my own account. It might be an obsession, but I’m okay with it.

This year we have seen more pop-up Instagram locations than ever before. The Museum of Ice Cream hit NYC, LA and now San Francisco and then the Color Factory opened in San Francisco this August. Both places an Instagrammer’s dream.

And yes. I hopped on that bandwagon.

I was eager to get to the Color Factory mainly for photo opportunities. Thought it would be fun to brighten up my feed.

And trust me, I did > www.instagram.com/caitlinmcaninch

But still. What is the Color Factory?

The Color Factory was the brainchild of Jordan Fernely, the owner of the lifestyle blog Oh Happy Day. Her world is colorful and bright, and this isn’t the first time she has filled San Francisco with fun colors like this!

The Color Factory was designed specifically with Instagram in mind. Props, lighting temperature and backdrops all strategically designed to look good in Instagram's square photo.

I was able to visit the Color Factory with one of my blogger pals Bri of www.brisul.com. We made a day out of it and spent some time in San Francisco, then went to the Color Factory in the evening.

Well, I may as well just hop in and share some photos from the amazing place! So let’s look!

Right when you enter, you head down these colorful stairs and to the ticket room!

Then, you sign up for your photo card. There are photos throughout the exhibits that you can use, and once you scan the card, they go straight to your email! Very cool feature. I personally didn’t like the way the photos looked, but that’s why we took our own cameras!

I loved all the rooms, that is, until the last. The yellow room of balls made me so claustrophobic. I couldn’t stand that ball pit. It really made me uncomfortable! I don’t really remember enjoying ball pits when I was little though, either.

I know this place looks pretty empty, because well, it’s all pictures of me in this post. But it’s actually quite busy. Total the Color Factory saw about 700 visitors a day, all entering the building in 30-minute intervals. But this is what it looked like in most of the rooms:

The good news for you? They’re announcing an extension and new dates for the Color Factory this week on September 12! So! You can still snag tickets to this event!!!

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Color Factory

Distance: 215 miles

Driving Time: 3 hours 54 minutes

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