• Caitlin McAninch

Lake Tahoe Bachelorette Party

It seems like as soon as I got engaged, my friends and I began planning what we would do for my bachelorette party. I’m the first of my friends to get engaged, so this would be our first time doing one of these!

We talked about all meeting somewhere crazy like Las Vegas, but, the problem is we’re all spread out – and spread thin. Out of my bridesmaids, I have one in medical school, one in dental school, one getting her MBA, and the other in law school. Oh! And one in high school (my new sister-in-law). Getting us all in one place at one time was going to be difficult with everyone’s busy schedules!

Our best plan was to have my bridal shower and my bachelorette party in the same weekend in Lake Tahoe. This way most of us didn’t have to travel too far, and my Maid of Honor actually has a beautiful lake house that we could all stay in.

I have too many photos of this weekend to share them all here – seriously, like over 400. But I am going to break down the post as follows: Friday, Saturday day, and Saturday night. So continue on to read all about my wild weekend.

Friday Night

Friday everyone arrived in Reno, either flying in or driving. I had two girls to pick up from the airport and had to grab Dylan’s little sister, Kendra.

We arrived in North Lake Tahoe to find all my girlies there: Micaela, my maid of honor; Taylor, Maddie, Lauren and Kendra, my other bridesmaids; Emily, one of my oldest friends that drove down from Oregon; and Korina, Dylan’s cousin that drove up from Sacramento.

For dinner we went to Hacienda Del Lago, this cute place right on the lake. We had a few rounds of margaritas and delicious Mexican Food. It was great to have everyone together, and we all immediately were giggling and chatting like we had never been apart. Which, I don’t know if I had mentioned, this was the first time a lot of us had been in the same place in over 5 years!!!

Saturday Day in Lake Tahoe

Saturday was a long day. A perfect one, but we did A LOT. Starting with my bridal shower!!!!

Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was amazing. I mean, it was in beautiful Lake Tahoe. My family, plus Dylan’s family, and all my girls played lots of games, filled up on mimosas, and had a wonderful brunch. I wrote all about in my blog post here!


In my last post I spoke about how I hired the amazingly talented Melissa Vargas to take our photos. I am still so happy with how beautiful they all are. And I wanted to share more in this post. So here are a BUNCH more adorable photos of me and my bridesmaids in the awesome shirts I got us off Etsy!


What do you do after a morning full of mimosas and photos? You nap. And I just love all these photos of everyone passed out!

Getting Ready

Micaela had strict rules of us all having to be ready to go by 6:30pm. So, we all rushed around pre-gaming and getting pretty for our night on the town! And had pizza, because a night of drinking calls for carbs!

Strippers and Games

So Micaela was sort of running around like a mad woman. Kept looking out at the street from the balcony, searching for something. And she seemed so stressed, and looking back I feel so bad about that. But here’s what happened.

Micaela hired two strippers for me. I had been saying for months I wanted a stripper. Cause that’s funny, right? Anyways. On Friday they had confirmed with her that two strippers would be arriving at 7pm to give us a show, then play games with us for the rest of the time. But you know what they did? Those strippers stood us up! They never came!!!! Even after Micaela had pre-paid! And to top it off, we never heard from them! Ever!

But we did play some games!! The first was the Panty Game! I was SO excited for this one. Basically, every girl brought me a new pair of panties that they picked out. But, I had to guess who brought each pair. It was silly, and I walked away with some great new underwear!!!

The next game was clever, and kept us laughing through the entire night. Not sure if this one has a name. But. Micaela took each girl aside, and had them write down two things they wanted to see me do during the night. Lastly, she had me do it, too. Then, she gathered us all around to inform us she had lied. They weren’t things for me to do, they were things that we all would be doing!

Each girl had to select two slips of paper and complete the actions written. And my friends… oh they wrote the funniest things! “Sing the ABCs at a bar” “Give someone a lapdance” “Take a body shot off a stranger” “Dance with an Asian.” And you know what? We got them all done on our night out on the town!

Saturday Night in South Lake Tahoe

Our limo picked us up right at 8pm. Our driver was Kevin, the nicest guy! He spent almost the whole evening with us!

The limo was a great idea because it drove us to and from South Lake, and we didn’t have to worry about having a sober driver – which we all know is key.

We started out at Cabo Wabo in one of the casinos. We also went to Peek Night Club and Opal. Bar hopping around South Lake Tahoe was so much fun. Especially since I am from South Lake, but have never really been around to all the bars. We did lots of dancing, found lots of other bachelorette groups, and we even stumbled upon my old roommate, Austyn!

One cute idea we did was Before and After pictures of our night out! I love how this turned out!

I had an amazing time this weekend. Not because it was my bachelorette party, but because all the girls I love most in this world came together to celebrate with me. It’s amazing to have such a solid group of friends, and I love them all so much. And you know what? I’m really ready for one of them to get engaged so we can do this all again!!!

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