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Must See Spots in San Francisco

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

San Francisco is the biggest city I truly like. I had to think about how to phrase that… I don’t like big cities because normally they’re dirty, and sort of gross. But. San Francisco is pretty cute. Not that dirty. And it’s only four hours out of Reno. So it’s a fun place to wander around.

I went to San Fran with my girlfriend Bri. We were going there to go to the Color Factory, but we made a day out of it for content creation and just fun. It was Bri’s first time in San Francisco, so I sort of made a list of places I wanted to show her that to me, are the must-see’s of San Francisco!

So without further ado, let’s dive into my must see spots in San Francisco if you’re only there for a day!

Golden Gate Bridge

The icon of San Francisco has to be the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s beautiful, it’s big, and it’s famous around the world. So of course that was our first stop. If you’re driving into San Francisco via the Golden Gate, you can take the last exit before the bridge and head right up the hills to get amazing views of the bridge from above. For us, the day was extremely foggy, making the bridge barely visible, but still very beautiful.

Back at the bottom of the hill there is a parking lot that connects to the parking lot on the other side of the freeway through a walkway that goes under the bridge. It’s pretty awesome because you can get views of the bridge from all different angles.

The parking lot on the other side of the freeway is a busy one. It’s where the tour buses park, and where you get the best views of the bridge – well, if you can get around all the people!

Here are some of the shots we got:

San Francisco Beaches

I know there are a lot of beaches in San Francisco. All the ones I have been to are great. But on this day we went to Baker Beach, which also happens to be a nude beach! I figured we would be able to get a good view of the bridge. But sadly, it was just too foggy.

But even with no view of the bridge, we still had a great time wandering around and enjoying the foggy beach. And of course, giggling at all the penises we saw!

Instagramable Spots in San Francisco

There are a few places Bri for sure wanted to go to. One was this little bakery called Mr. Holmes Bakery with this funny sign:

The pastries were fine enough, but really we went for the sign.

Another one is Lombard Street, the funny winding street you may have seen photos of. The road itself is very steep, and has eight sharp turns all the way down. The homes on the street are beautiful. My favorite is this blue one!

San Francisco is filled with beautiful spots, you can spend hours wandering around looking at murals, amazing town homes, and tall buildings.

Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39

Fisherman’s Wharf is a tourist paradise. Tons of knick-knack shops, restaurants, and sea lions. It’s always busy. But. It’s the home to my favorite restaurant, Boudin’s Bakery. If you can wing it, go to the real restaurant about two blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf down by Rain Forest Café. Don’t eat at the one on Pier 39.

I love people watching. Always have. And I like going to Pier 39. I think it’s a cute area that I never get sick of. So. Go. Just go and see the sights. See the sea lions. And just enjoy the crowds.

Hyde Park

I love Hyde Park. It’s a patch of grass on a hill that over looks the water. You can sit and enjoy the sun (if it’s sunny) and relax. We people watched, and just relaxed a bit because we had been walking around so much. But it’s a great little spot. And it’s right next to a big Ghirardelli chocolate shop!

Union Square

My last spot I recommend in San Francisco is Union Square. This is where all the good shopping is! Tons of shops line the streets around Union Square, most of which you can’t find in Reno.

This area also always has things going on, so it’s fun to see the area as it changes throughout the year.

To see Bri’s thoughts about San Fran, check out her blog here!

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