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Snowshoeing at Donner Lake, CA

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I have been sitting dreaming about snowshoeing. Why you ask? Because snowshoeing is THE best thing you can do in winter. At least, it is when you live somewhere as beautiful as I do.

I’ve been waiting to go again so I can basically replicate the amazing photos my mom and I took last January (yes, a full year ago!) after the big storm hit Reno/Tahoe. But, with the warm weather we are having this season, I just don’t see it happening.

But. You know, I have these amazing photos from last year, they never saw a blog post, and I still really want to share them with you. So let’s go!

Last year my mom, aunt and I had planned on hitting up the Donner Train Tunnels to go snowshoeing, but there was so much snow that the pass was closed. We made a new plan to head around the lake and go snowshoeing at Donner Memorial Park.

There’s a few big reasons I love snowshoeing, here they are:

1. You can stand on tons of feet of snow without sinking like this:

2. You can enjoy the snow without getting cold – because let’s be real, it’s a workout.

3. You get to experience one of the most beautiful seasons first hand.

Here are some of the amazing photos we shot inside Donner Memorial Park

Once we reached the lake, it was even more beautiful. The thick clouds and snowy landscape reflected on the water so beautifully.

I will never forget how perfect this day was. And I am patiently waiting for the snow to hit this month so I can dust off my snowshoes and head to the mountains again. But, until then, I will be living through these old photos.

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Donner Lake

Distance: 39.3 miles

Driving Time: 44 minutes

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