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Styled Shoot at Sierra Water Gardens

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I would say for about the past year or so the term “Styled Shoot” is something I hear all the time. I hear it discussed on Instagram and from members of creative groups that I’m a part of in my hometown, Reno. But what is a styled shoot?

I found this description on Olivia Bossert’s blog post:

“A styled shoot is no different to a fashion editorial, the motive remains the same: to tell a story through photography. However the significant difference here is that a "styled shoot," as the wedding industry has dubbed it, involves a lot more than just fashion. The point of these shoots is to tell a story, but also showcase the skills and services of wedding businesses. Due to the large amount of product involved, they are actually quite a lot more complex to put together than people might think.”

To me, styled shoots are badass photo shoots where brands and vendors walk away with amazing content. And yeah, I’ve sort of desperately wanted to be apart of one for almost a year now. My wish came true when I got to be apart of my first one last week!

This styled shoot wasn’t wedding themed, but instead it was just sort of promoting a local amazing store, Sierra Water Gardens.

Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the photos are. And Narrowing down photos for social media, this blog, is so hard; because I feel ridiculous sharing them all. But, I’m going to be sharing a LOT in this post. So! Without further adooooo…

Sierra Water Gardens Shop

Sierra Water Gardens is located at 2135 Dickerson Rd., and the shop specializes in Indoor plants, Airplants, Terrariums and containers. The shop not only is adorable, it offers a number of seriously cool plants. The owner, Sam, not only is super sweet and kind, but she has a green thumb and can help you keep any plant alive. And I may be biased because she did the centerpieces for my wedding, but really her work and her store is a serious gem in the Reno community. If you haven’t been there, you should go tomorrow.

Here are some of the amazing shots we got inside the store:

Cute tee is from Educated Earthling!

I sort of think I look like my mom in this photo!

Look at this amazing braid!! Hair for all the ladies was stunning!

I wish I had @_hello_october_ at my house everyday to do my hair!!

And this is little baby Lewis! My sister-in-law's hedgehog!

Kendra got her for Christmas, and she was a great 'prop' for the photoshoot!

Sierra Water Garden Rental Home

Sierra Water Gardens wasn’t always an indoor shop. It once was an outdoor nursery outside Sam and her husband’s house! But they have since moved shop and moved home, and now have turned the beautiful property into a Rental home. Not only is the yard and property incredible, but the inside house is a dream. It’s so cute and perfect – I only wish I would have grabbed a photo of the amazing bath tub!

Here are the amazing photos Erin took inside the house and outside on the property:

Seriously, look at these beautiful barn doors!

Yeah, I basically look like a pimp. It's fine.

Doing this collaboration was incredibly cool. It’s amazing to meet the amazing creative women that live right here in my own community.

Here’s a few call outs of the amazing participants in this shoot, I’ve included Instagram links and website links to those who had them:

Photography: @erinicolephoto of Erin Nicole Photo

Location: @sierrawatergardens and Sierra Water Gardens

Hair: @_hello_october_

Make up: @brandilocks.glamco

Stylist: @wildflowereventsnv

Clothing: @blftreno and Biggest Little Fashion Truck

Cute t-shirts: @educatedearthling and Educated Earthling

Food: @wholefoodsreno

Models: Abbey of the Abbey Kay Blog, Adrianna Wild, Amber, Emilia, and Alyssa.

Have you ever been a part of a styled shoot? I’d love to see photos! Comment below with links to your projects!!

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Sierra Water Gardens

2135 Dickerson Rd.

Reno, NV 89503

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