• Caitlin McAninch

Wedding Eve: 24 Hours Before My Wedding

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

I wanted to summarize what led up to my actual wedding. It was sort of a whirlwind of emotion. Like, I had them all. Experienced all the feels within the 24 hours leading up to my wedding: happy, nervous, angry, sick – all the feels.

But a lot happened. And pictures were taken, as always. So let’s go through my wedding eve.

Rehearsal Dinner

So first things first, I demanded a run through. So Dylan, all our bridal party, both sets of parents, our wedding coordinator, and me headed out to our venue to do a run through.

As we arrived to the WeCheMe Lodge – which is right above the Galena Fish Hatchery and where we chose to have our ceremony – and we had a hiccup! Another wedding was going on right there. Great! (Sarcastically said)

We waited about 25 minutes for this wedding party to move off the giant field so we could do a run through of my wedding. They were just taking photos, but I still felt like I was intruding!

Anyways, we got to do a few run throughs. I even cried as I practiced going down the aisle! But ya know what? It was the only time!

After our run though, we headed to Silver Peak Brewery for our rehersal dinner. The midtown location in Reno has a great rooftop bar you can rent out for events. For 22 people it was about $500 for dinner. It was great, too! We enjoyed some laughs and just kept it all casual! My kind of night.

Then we headed to the Peppermill. My bridesmaids and I had some rooms, and Dylan and his groomsmen had some rooms. Yay for slumber parties!

Morning of the Wedding

I woke up at 3:45 am. I grabbed my phone and saw that I had received a “good night” text from Dylan at 3:00 am. He was going to feel like crap when he woke up! I rolled over to go back to sleep, but instead of falling right back to bed, it hit me that we didn’t have cups to make Mimosas… Then I remembered that not everyone brought wedged shoes, and their heels were going to sink into the grass during the ceremony… And I really thought we should have house keeping make the beds so they’re cute for pictures. You know… All these thoughts that were so important at 4 am.

I didn’t fall back asleep for hours. The last time I checked my phone it was 5:15 am. But I did fall asleep, because I woke up to Lauren getting up at like, 7:30ish.

At that point I wanted to leave. I was over sitting in the hotel. I wanted coffee and a sandwich. Kendra took me on a Starbucks run and a Bagel shop run. But this is where the day gets interesting…

I always have heard brides never eat on their wedding – trust me. I wanted to. I couldn’t! Couldn’t eat my bagel sandwich. Couldn’t drink my coffee. I got a sandwich at lunch, only took one bite of the provolone cheese I pulled out of it. Every time, I got nervous sick. Just couldn’t eat. I couldn’t even get a cocktail down! Just all the nerves all up on me!

Getting Ready for the Wedding

Getting ready was fun. Dylan’s cousin Elyse is a very talented hair stylist, and she did all six of our hair! Seven of us if you count my mom! All of our hair was on point. And one of my oldest friends Jenna came and did all of our make-up! She worked at Mac and for a Cirque Du Solei show down in Vegas. And gosh we looked so pretty!

It was super funny, at one point Maddie said, “Getting ready for the wedding is like prom on steroids.”

SO TRUE. For years we all got ready for dances together. Then it turned into getting ready for the bars. And on this day, it was getting ready for my wedding.

My photographer Shelby showed up right as we were all ready. She got beautiful photos of us! During my bachelorette party weekend, all the girls had asked me if we were getting the matching robes. At first I thought they were silly, but I am SO glad I ordered them for everyone. They were perfect for photos!

Right Up Until Walking Down the Aisle

We left the Peppermill right at 2:40 pm. I had a first look to get to!

Of course on the way, there were snaps…

A few minutes before we were set to walk down the aisle there was sort of a melt down. You see, we had a Whisky Box Ceremony, but the whisky box was no where to be found. I sort of lost my shit. My mom was running down this giant hill in her heels, people were driving to and from the reception building to where I was standing. Turns out the box was at the bar. But at one point when we didn’t know where it was, all I could do was yell “FUCK IT!” Yes. This happened. It’s fine. The box was found.

I also really, really felt like I had to pee right before I walked down the aisle. Dude. I almost squatted in a bush. But I didn’t. And the feeling went away!

It’s funny as I look back now. All the nervousness I felt. How I felt sick. And how stressed I was getting. All over nothing! My wedding was absolutely perfect. Nothing went wrong.

Stay tuned for more posts all about the McAninch Wedding!